Tall and Skinny

Here is an HDR of the one of the thousands of quaint scenes around Amsterdam.

Tall and Skinny

Windmill at Dusk

This was taken just after the sunset of the previous picture on the lake.

The Windmills of Holland at Dusk

More Churches of Holland

Here is a collection of churches in Amsterdam.

The End of the Church

I could not help but notice that the stain on the glass here was distinctly different than the glass stains in the nearby red light district.

Canal Cruise

We took a cruise around the canals one of the evenings there. This one was taken around sunset.

Canal Cruise

Rembrandt Restaurant

This is a very nice little restaurant here in Amsterdam where you can dine underneath actual Rembrandt sketches. Most of the restaurant is underground, and there are little tiny rooms and nooks and crannies throughout.

Restaurant of Rembrandt

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