Boston at Sunset

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Google+ has been crazy lately. I broke 200,000 followers (see and there are all kinds of new people discovering this kind of photography, which is pretty exciting. I can barely keep up with it all… I did start a post to have people write a little bit about themselves. It capped out at 500 comments very quickly. But you can see all sorts of people on there… very interesting to see the volume and variety!

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Since I did it there, I thought I should do it here too! I know MANY of you by now, obviously… and I think the rest of the community here has gotten to know you a bit through your comments as well. But, why not take this opportunity to say hello and tell us a little about yourself. Feel free to include links to your website, your blog, your google+, or whatever you like! 🙂

Daily Photo – Boston at Sunset

Boston is great, and I am sad I’ve only spent a short amount of time there. On this evening, I walked along the waterfront here to look at all the various angles and light levels. They were all good! That’s a sign of a good city when it is hard to take a bad photo of it!

Boston at SunsetBoston is great and I am sad I've only spent a short amount of time there. On this evening, I walked along the waterfront here to look at all the various angles and light levels. They were all good! That's a sign of a good city when it is hard to take a bad photo of it!- Trey RatcliffRead more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

The Firemen in Boston

Early one morning I went walking around the streets of Boston and I found this firehouse. They were looking at me a little suspiciously while taking photos, but they let me be… I think they could tell that I thought firehouses and firemen were pretty cool. Firemen can see that kinda thing in people!

Red Engine Number 33 - The Firehouse of Boston

Walking Along the Waterfront in Boston

I have not spent enough time in Boston! I really need to explore the city more, but I tried to make the most of it while I was there.

One evening, about an hour from sunset, I found one of the prettiest waterfronts and started walking along it to see what I could find. After only a few moments, I came to this nice little area of greenery, benches, and a nice place to hang out and appreciate the colors of Boston. After only spending a short amount of time there, I now see why people like it so much!

The Park in Boston (by Stuck in Customs)

Downtown Boston from my Hotel Room

Usually, I like to sneak up to the roof of buildings to get the best shots.  But, every now and then, my best plans are foiled by locked doors and surly security guards.  My charms fail at some point, and I am stuck shooting out of my hotel room window. The only advantage is that I don’t have to freeze in 10 degree howling wind while waiting for the light to hit its apogee of beauty.

This was just about the prettiest part of the day, especially since I had to spend the rest of it staring at morose lawyers.

Downtown Boston from my Hotel Room

The Art Museum

Ahhh I love these places.  (and I know you do too!)

I tend to always gravitate to the western areas, and by that, I don’t mean the Cowboy & Indian paintings…  I’m on a hunt to see how many original Impressionist works I can see in my life.

My percentage is slowly increasing every year… not sure I will ever break 90% because there are a few in private collections, so I will need to befriend those collectors ASAP.  If any of you pal around with collectors, hook me up!

The Art Museum (by Stuck in Customs)

A Chilly Night in Boston

I got in pretty late that night… It was bitter cold outside, but I decided to head out for a few. I haven’t yet found a good hand-in-glove solution that both keeps them warm and allows me to meddle with all the little dials on my beauty; if she only had a warm hand I could hold between takes, now that would be sweet.

In other news, one week from now, I am going to be on a radio show that you all can listen in to, should you be bored. It will also be recorded, so you can really listen to it any time. I’ll put a little listen-here-widget on my blog next Sunday morning, but here is a link beforehand if you get the jitters.  Here is the little description Elizabeth (the host) has up on her website:

The world is awash in electromagnetic, sound, and vibrational waves.  We swim through them all fairly effortlessly, experiencing life and creating memories. If life is nothing but an adventure to collect interesting memories, how do we come to best understand the way in which humans experience the world at large? How can thinking about memory, science, and art help enhance our experience with all the little things we take for granted?

And in other unrelated news, there is a new thing called Flickr Hive Mind… it is a slightly different way to view Flickr photos. Here it is, displaying a selection of my top 100 (or so, I guess!) photos.

A Chilly Night in Boston

A Chilly Morning in Boston Common

I had an 8 AM meeting in Boston but woke up round 6 to go walk around the Boston Commons and frolic in the snow. There was no frolicking involved. There was a lot of freezing involved, and it reminded me of a bad morning I had in Kiev with a gypsy cab in a blizzard. I wanted to get down to the harbor for some some other sunrise shots, but did not end up with time… but maybe that’s a good thing because it would have been even colder down there!

Morning in Boston (by Stuck in Customs)

The Cubes of Mystery

They aren’t really cubes, and they are not really that mysterious, but the words taken together, especially in reference to something that is not cubic or mysterious, are tantalizingly mysterious.

The Cubes of Mystery

Boston on the Fringe of Sunset

Boston is a great place. It was a hot day, but things cooled down a little as the sun dropped down behind downtown for sunset.

Boston on the Fringe of Sunset

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