Details of the Night

These shots are normally really hard to grab at night, but this HDR turned out nice. Chaotic, but detailed and nice.

The Details of Night

Sites of Malaysia

I’m sure I could just post pictures from around Malaysia and there would be plenty of variety. Here are three I recently uploaded. The first is the city, obviously, of Kuala Lumpur. The second is a Vietnamese restaurant in a cool underground area. The third is a statue I found in Malaka.

Sunny Day in Kuala Lumpur

Vietnamese Firewall

War God of Malaka

Kuala Lumpur from KL Tower

This is a picture of the observation lounge itself, which I thought came out interesting.

The Tallest Twin Towers in the World from a nearby Taller Tower, not a Twin itself

Barefoot in the Mosque

You can see the barefooted Islamic family chilling on the right…

Barefeet in the Mosque

Monkey Shines

Here is a monkey with green eyes. Without that description, you would have no idea what you were looking at.

Monkey Shines

A Chopper in KL

I saw this helicopter in front of the Petronas from the top of KL Tower, so I snapped a few quick shots and this is the only one that came out clear.


Trees of the Dead

Of all places, I was surprised how much I liked the pictures that I took in the ancient Chinese cemetery during a break in a thunderstorm. I am not sure what these tombstones say, but I am pretty sure they say, “This would look totally radical in HDR.”
Trees of the Dead

Towers in the Park

I have a ton of these pictures, and they all seem to come out very nice. It was so rare to have blue skies there, I had to shoot away.

Towers in the Park

The Underground Mosque

This is a cool-looking mosque in Kuala Lumpur, although I doubt a lot of Muslims walk in and say, “Wow this place is like totally cool and rad.” You can see part of the cityscape behind the mosque.

The second picture is an older one of the same buildings from a different perspective at night.
The Underground Mosque


Langkawi at Sunset

The sunsets there were insane for some reason. Insane. Almost every five minutes the entire color palette changed.

Wish You Were Here

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