This is a picture of the same place that I have at the top of this page, just at a different time of the day. It didn’t seem to matter when I shot this archipelago, because it always came out like a painting.


Site Redesign 2.1 – Okay okay you were right, y’all… it was too wide

I tightened things up a little. It should now fit better, although a small percentage of people may have to scroll sideways. Sorry – I can’t please everyone. But coming to that realization is kind of a big step for most people, eh?

Anyway, you may notice that I now have just one image up there on the top now instead of the 13 that used to rotate. I just have not had the time to re-format all the title pics for this new widescreen-busting resolution. But I do like that one above of Malaysia. And yes, that is a real place. It’s Langkawi, this island archipelago that is almost too cool to be on Earth. Here is another image of those same James-Bond-Evil-Guy-Hideout at sunset.

Purple Skies of Malaysia

Cloudy Sunrise in Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is a tiny island off the west coast of Malaysia. It’s filled with tiny little archipelago islands, kind of like the one that was converted into that evil lab in one of the James Bond movies. Luckily, for picture-taking, the clouds were very interesting during my short stay there.

Morning Clouds over Malaysia

Pictures from the city and the coast of Malaysia in HDR

The first is a city shot at sunset just after a storm. The second is from the island archipelago of Langkawi.

Evening Falls In Malaysia

A Pool for Reflection

Langkawi at Sunset

The sunsets there were insane for some reason. Insane. Almost every five minutes the entire color palette changed.

Wish You Were Here

Glowing Surf

Here is yet another sunset picture from the beach in Langkawi. I think this is one of those “categories” of shots that are always popular. The other one is dogs. I think it is strange why the two most popular categires of things humans like to see in pictures are “sunsets” and “dogs”. I think there is an interesting psychological reason for this, but I have no idea why this is.

Glowing Surf

The Haze of Kuala Lumpur

I took this first picture last night. There are a bunch of fires in Indonesians from clearing the land and all the smoke comes and settles right on Kuala Lumpur. It really sucks and it’s rough on my system. In this shot, you can see all the smoke in the air.

The second one is of a sunset on the coast.

The Haze of Kuala Lumpur

Equatorial Aurora Borealis

Langkawi Sunset

Here is another sunset shot from Malaysia.

Burning into the Night

Congrats to Bianca!

I found out my sister is prego so I will post this picture for her. It really has nothing to do with her baby, other than it is my favorite picture from Malaysia. Also I think there are some babies out on that little island, but they are cannibal babies, so they don’t count as real babies.

The Blue Before the Storm


I am not sure what kind of monkey this is, but I am pretty sure it is not called an unracoon. I told Ethan that this monkey led me to his hidden lair where I retrieved a magical necklace for him that adds +1 to agility and +1 to speed. He just wore it to Karate class and got a new patch so he is convinced it is real.

The Vegetarian

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