I found this Buddhist monk while I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  As usual, I had my camera so I grabbed a shot of him in mid-alms-motion.


Flickr Contest – Who is the best stalker

I know that Flickr is full of stalkers, and nothing makes stalking more fun than social networks. So I did this little contest yesterday to see who would be the first to find this girl on Flickr. It took about 7 hours for some people to track her down. That’s not too bad and indicative of my theory that Flickr is full of stalkers (just kidding Lee, sort of)

This is Sam, and she is another photographer I met when I went out with three other photographers one night in Kuala Lumpur. She is friends with Potatoe and Cris, and she is much more photogenic, I assure you, than some guy that goes by the name “Potatoe”.

Fellow Flickr Fotographer, who can find her photostream first?

The Flickr and Digg Celebrity? I don’t know about that… Oh and some dead Chinese People

There was a short interview with me that was posted today. I don’t know what being a celebrity means in those circles, but I am pretty sure that people assume that it means that I wear a lot of black t-shirts and I am a nihilist. Neither is true. I do wear some black t-shirts, but it makes me look a bit like a Scientologist.

In the interview, I was asked about some of my photos where I am surprised that they did not do better. I commented on my Chinese Cemetery set, which I think must be too macabre or too Chinese. Here is a link to the set on Flickr.


Red Alone

And here is one of the pictures from the interview that I forgot to mention. It’s one of my favorites, but again… one that is not nearly as popular as the others, in terms of relative comments/favorites. Oh well… you never know!

The Hidden Pond

The Largest Towers in the World (well, until 2004)

And here they are…

The Tallest Buildings in the World (well, until 2004)

This is Amin

This is Amin.

Amin’s dream is to drive a Ferrari. He jokes, and then becomes suddenly serious with a haunting, dark Persian stare before uttering his real dream: that one day our race is “human being”, our religion is “humanity” and our nationality is “citizen of the world.” Amin thinks deeply, and then laughs and says, “Well maybe if I was driving a Ferrari now I would be thinking of this crap!”

Amin is currently working at John Galt Games after being recommended by his fellow Iranian programmer, Ali, who shares the flowing locks of Sayid from Lost and the comic stylings of Cicak Man himself. Amin has recently passed the killer gauntlet programmer test of Hafiz (our lead tech brain) with a score of 85. Nobody has ever scored this high, except for Hafiz himself, who resides with the demigods of C++ in his own heavenly sphere of programming and peace.

This comes from my Portrait Series here.

This Is Amin

Here is another shot I took from nearby, of a few Islamic schoolchildren:

Islamic Peace

The Bridge of Putrajaya

This bridge one of the many architectural gems around Putrajaya. Of course, there is hardly any traffic in Putrajaya because it is boring, and they probably just could have made out fine with an old grumpy man, a barge, and one of those long poles to ferry people across the river.

I took a bunch of shots of these bridges and I could not decide which was the best, because they are all cool. But I decided to go with this symmetrical one first… probably meaning I am seeking some kind of structure in my recently chaotic life!

The Bridge of Putrajaya

The Mosque and Silo of Putrajaya

I had a very nice day on the day I visited Putrajaya. It could have been hotter there, but I don’t know how. The best part was the cool shower afterwards.

Putrajaya is the new capital area Kuala Lumpur. It is the most sterile and lifeless place I have ever visited. But there is very nice architecture for photography… so I guess it’s not all bad.

The Mosque and Silo of Putrajaya

Does this snake make me look fat?

I am back in Malaysia after a long series of flights. I have determined that I think my frequent flier membership card should change its logo to Sisyphus pushing a boulder up a hill. I do collect a lot of miles, but, ironically, when I do actually have time off, the last thing I want to do is fly. So I am trying to figure out a way to trade in my frequent flier miles for something that I can actually use – like sleep.

Does this snake make me look fat?

I took that shot above at the Batu Caves just north of Kuala Lumpur. Below is another picture that I took nearby, with the dark black of the cave in the background.

Across the Line

Storm Hitting Kuala Lumpur

Believe it or not these two shots were taken on the same day within just a few hours. A series of violent storms came through Kuala Lumpur, allowing a few surreal shots of the city. It went from very dark and cloud to torrential downpour to beautiful sunset. It reminded me of the storms on the plains of Texas.

Kuala Lumpur is a very interesting city and is quite unique in Asia. I’d love to get up on top of those Petronas Towers there to take some shots, but I look like a suspicious white guy with my huge backpack. They tell me all white people look alike. …and smell like wet puppies.
Storm Over the Towers

Sunset Storm over Kuala Lumpur

The Mosque and the Towers

Someone made a comment that this looks like the Klingon capital… from some alien sci-fi show that I have never heard of.

The Mosque and the Towers

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