A row of columns in Pompeii

This was an empty area behind the small amphitheatre that used to house the gladiators and serve as a training ground.

Rows and Rows

An Arch in Pompeii

Here is a nicely preserved arch I found in Pompeii. You can see the mountains along the Amalfi Coast in the background.

Arches of Pompeii

Vesuvius in the Morning

This was a handheld shot I took during an early morning walk along the Bay of Naples. I was lucky to get Vesuvius so clear in the morning light.

Streaming Morning Light at Vesuvius

Pompeii Shadows

This is Pompeii about an hour before sunset. This is one of the main market areas. Will commented that he was surprised they used so much brick and it looks so well preserved. But then again, Will was totally drunk and passing out while crying over his inflatable Lauren travel-doll.

Shadows of Pompeii

Ruins of Pompeii

Here are the ruins of Pompeii, which is spelled Pompei half the time so I am never sure how to spell it here… but anyway, here they are:

Pompeii Scavi Ruins Astrewn

Blue Skies of Pompeii

The Entrance to Pompeii

Zoom to the large size to see the details on the tiles…

The Entrance to Pompei

The Market of Pompeii

This is from the interior area of the market in Pompeii, where it was about 100 degrees when I took this picture. I was hoping for a bit of volcano action to cool me off some… all those old walls kept out all of the wind, so it was about 15 seconds before I was covered in sweat.

The Market of Pompeii

Pompeii Fertile Garden under the Shadow of Vesuvius

This is a view from the top of the Pompeii colosseum back towards Vesuvius. You can see the ancient Pompeii walls running down one of the vias and the partially-exploded crater of Vesuvius in the distance.

Pompeii Fertile Garden under the Shadow of Vesuvius

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