Vampire in the Church

I found this macabre and surreal area in the back corner of the Gesu Nuovo, one of the largest and most surreal churches in Naples.
Vampire in the Church

The Buoy

Bouy Here is a colorful buoy I found in the bay of Naples. On the other side is Vesuvius, which came out kind of water-colory and interesting in this shot

Diving from the Ruins

If you zoom into the full size of this one, you can see that crazy dude diving into the Bay of Naples from some old ruins.

Diver Down from the Ruins


This is a statue in the Museum of Archeology in Naples. It comes from Rome in the baths of Caracalla. This is one of the treasures that Napoleon regretted that he never took back to Paris.


From around Naples

Here are some more pics from around Naples, from the day I went out with Valerio, Elise, Sergio, and Dany.

Cavus Mortus

Sunbathing on the Mediterranean

The Hotel View of the Volcano

Weekend in Napoli

One of these is like the other

Faces of Italy

I’m leaving Italy today… Between meetings I had time to explore around with my camera and iPod in overdrive. I saw a lot of interesting faces, so I collected a series of portraits that I have collected into a little portfolio set on Flickr called “What they Dream and What they Do”. If I ever saw someone with an interesting face, I thought perhaps they might have an interesting story too, so I’ve organized the set by the motif of what people do with their lives. Here are the first eight pictures from the series. I will probably add to this collection in the future, or at least until I ask to take someone’s picture and they punch me in the face.

This is Vespucci

This is Vespucci

This is Vespucci.

Vespucci’s dream is to find his son and tell him important things. He twists his head quickly at me with a lost and quizzical look, and then he returns to a thoughtful gaze.

Vespucci is currently homeless and cannot remember where his son is.

This is Skye

This is Skye.

Skye’s dream, she says with a stalwart demeanor, is to be a successful dermatologist.

Skye is currently modeling in Milan during summer break from medical school.

This is Paola

This is Paola.

Paola’s dream, she pauses, she can’t remember them any more.

Paula is currently poses as the Statue of Liberty on the Spaccanapoli in Naples.

This is Claudio

This is Claudio.

Claudio’s dream is to help people and to seek the truth. He squints at the crucifix in the basilica.

Claudio is currently living out his dream and has peace.

This is Maurizio

This is Maurizio.

Maurizio’s dream is to captain a boat in the bay of Naples and to protect the habitat around Pospitillo and the Amalfi Coast. When he shakes hands, his grip is of old rope.

Maurizio is currently living out his dream.

This is Astius

This is Astia.

Astia’s dream was to see her son to rule the Roman Empire.

Astia died never seeing it happen.

This is Manea

This is Manea.

Manea’s dream is to go back to Romania and find his mother. He smiles inside his beard, looking upward.

Manea is currently homeless and thinks his mother may be dead, or worse, she may not remember him.

This is Maria

This is Maria.

Maria dreams of being a songwriter and singer. She often looks down and nods her head, thinking about deep waves.

Maria is currently teaching scuba diving in Naples and writes songs at night.

Castel d’Ovo

It is translated as “Castle of the Egg”. It is a local belief that the castle has a magical egg hidden in a secret dungeon that was placed there by Virgil himself, who was thought to have a wide array of mysitical powers to protect the city of Naples.
Castel D'Ovo

Morning Seagull over Vesuvius

I woke up early this morning and saw this out of my window, so I went across the street to get a picture.

Morning Seagull over Vesuvius

Gesu Nuovo

Here is the intricate and delicate interior of the Gesu Nuovo. I recommend the large version of this one to see the details.

Gilded Napoli, Gesu Nuovo

Italian Beach on a Sunday

Valpopando, Joepomata, and I went out on a boat today to grab some pictures of Posillipo. Once their wives saw the size of our boat, they decided to head back to Valp’s place early to make us lunch.

We had a great day… the weather was perfect and we had crystal clear views of Vesuvius, Capri, and the entire Amalfi coast.

Behind the kayak, where I am sure you overlooked the pilot, you can see a three story ancient Roman Ruins. They are called the “Palazzo degli Spiriti”, the palace of the spirits, because of the mysterious appearance. The first floor, as you can see, has sunk underwater… it’s now filled with kids that use it for a diving board into the Bay of Naples.

Italian Beach on a Sunday

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