Navigli Canals in Milan

This was taken during the evening I spent wandering around the old part of Milan, near a special canal that was built to bring stones to the Duomo.

Navigli Blue

Sinking Ruins

Our boat captain was lamenting that this was a very unique Roman ruin and there was very little conservation going on… just a lot of shirtless (and upon zooming, rather chubby) Italian men doing cannonballs off the top level.

Diving from the Roman Ruins

More Churches of Italy

The top picture here is the Santa Maria Maggiore, the basilica that was across the street from my hotel in Rome. The second shot is from the interior of one of the side-chapels. The last is a little collage I made of my Churches of Italy set on Flickr.

Santa Maria Maggiore

Quadruple Dome

The Churches of Italy

Forgotten and Abandoned

This is a shot of the interior of the Castel D’Ovo in Naples.

Forgotten and Abandoned

Four Caves of Napoli

This is a part of the rougher part of the Amalfi Coast where waves have torn away four huge caves in the sea wall. It’s hard to see how huge these caves are, but each one is over 100 feet tall.

Four Caves

Aqua Grotto

This was a cool little find in the bay of Naples.

The Aqua Grotto

Vesuvius in the Morning

This was a handheld shot I took during an early morning walk along the Bay of Naples. I was lucky to get Vesuvius so clear in the morning light.

Streaming Morning Light at Vesuvius

Private Cave

In my Navy SEAL-like zodiac ride around the bay of Napoli, I found this ruin with a cave underneath. My guide told me that this was used by ancient Romans as a fish farm, but then again, he was a drunk Italian.

Private Cave

Castle Arches

These are taken inside the Castle d’Ovo.

Nuovo Arches

Rooftops of Napoli

This is taken from the rooftop of my friend Valerio’s place in Naples. He has the top floor of this building and a nice veranda on top where he can hang out. As you can see, terrestrial broadcast is still the predominant form of TV reception in Italy.

The Rooftops of Napoli

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