Finally found coffee AND internet on the Isle of Man

After a bit of time here, I finally found a good place to get coffee and wireless internet access at the same time. Where else is a guy supposed to get any work done?

I ordered some tapas and got some seabass. It came served inside this clamshell, which I thought was kinda cool, although probably incredibly confusing to the clam.

Closed by Government

I saw a sign that said this in front of a store window in a popular area. I can’t figure out if they made this sign to incite ill-will towards the government or if the government requires this sign of its own ability to instill ill-will.

A Stabit

Here is a picture of a Stabit. I was not familiar with whatever a Stabit was, and I was even more confused after reading the description, which I foolishly expected to give me an explanation of the Stabit. Look for yourself… It is vexing!

(Stuck in Customs does not have a picture with this exact name.)

Calf of Man

If the Isle of Man was not small enough, it boasts a smaller island called the Calf of Man. There is supposedly just one person that lives on it, and she is rumoured (notice the Manx spelling) to be not terribly sociable.

The Calf of Man is also a famous bird sanctuary. And by famous, I mean that it is well known among a small percentage of the 70,000 people that live on the Isle of Man.

I took some pictures of it today. In that little bit of Irish Sea there, I saw about 5 or 6 seals that were plopping about. I’m not sure what they were doing, but I am sure they were wondering why the island had so little internet access.

It was a very desolate spit of land. I only saw one other person there, and he was searching for some lost sheep. I commented that perhaps the sheep was looking for a good wireless point, to which he said, “Rubbish!”

Cregneash in the Sound

I visited an area in the south of the island today called the Sound. It has an area of thatch-roofed farm homes called “Cregneash,” where they continue to practice the same agrarian techniques of centuries past. They still use Clydesdale horses to till the fields to grow oats, barley, potatoes, and several strange vegetables that I can’t remember.

I actually went into one of the little houses and took this nice picture out the window. It was very quaint inside and they had absolutely no internet. I asked how they played MMORPGs, and they just gave me a return stare somewhere between a sheep and an ox.

Victorian Buildings on the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man sits here in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland. It’s like England without the people and Ireland without the charm.

The Isle of Man has about 70,000 people and about 37 miles long. There are also a lot of sheep here. The name used to be the Isle of Manannan, named after some old God who supposedly would throw his cloak of fog over the island to keep it safe. This was told to me by a wizened old man with one eye that I found tending some sheep. I only caught a few words of what he said, and I am 25% sure he cast some sort of Celtic spell on me.

People that live here do not call themselves English or Scots – they call themselves “Manx.” There is even an old Manx language that a few people still speak here. It’s some form of Gaelic that can only be understood by dolphins and Enya.

I’ve spent most of my time here in the capital of Douglas. It’s a nice little town with lots of Victorian architecture.

Arrived in the Isle of Man

Where is the Isle of Man anyway? I wasn’t totally sure, but the pilot knew. He was such a show off.

It’s pretty chilly here, and my internet access is not so great. They have not had many technology improvements since the Vikings invaded.

But they did have a coffee shop, where I grabbed a quick one.

And they have this little castle.

And they have this beach. I will have more pictures once the feeling gets back in my fingers and I find a more stable internet connection (I am currently being attacked by a wayward Viking.)

(Pictures located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland, within the British Isles.)

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