Shapes in the Museum

Here was a cool area of the Chicago Museum of Art.


Fields of Gold

Here is an interesting night shot of Chicago that shows off a golden field in the foreground.

Fields of Gold

Contemplating a Digital Future

I thought this kid had an interesting look. This was taken in front of the new digital video wall in Chicago.

Considering a Digital Future

Chicago from the Air

Here is a very hi-res photo of Chicago from above. If you zoom in (on Flickr) to the original size you can see some nice detail.

The Magnificent Mile

Up the Creek

I took this one of Chicago late at night while I was walking back to the subway to grab the last one back to my hotel. I had a cop stop and ask my why I was taking the pictures, and I said it was for some Arab friends that Paypalled me $250,000.
Up the Creek

Underworld of Chicago

One of the subway stations in Chicago.

The Underworld of Chicago

That Hindu that You Do

Here is another shot of those cool dillios in Chicago:

That Hindu that You Do

After the Concert

This was taken at the new park in Chicago late at night after a concert. Those blue and red lights move slowly around the metallic surface and combine to make interesting magentas against the skyline.

After the Concert

Chicago Skyline at Night

I am excited because I upgraded and got the Nikon D2X. This thing is like carrying around a small tank. It’s so large that it actually sucks other nearby cameras into it, automatically amalgamating all their megapixel power.

I took this at the top of the John Hancock this evening as night fell.

It was done with 9 exposures. I figured, why the heck not.

I recommend you click here for the Large version on Black. I keep all my images like that inside Flickr if you check the description below the picture.

The sweet lady D2X is mine;  Chicago, you are my first victim.

Chicago Lays an Egg

I have a very busy two weeks coming up. Tomorrow I go to Chicago (thus the picture below of the Cloud Gate in the new park), then Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia then Amsterdam then Seoul then Chicago, then back to Austin finally to get ready for the Austin Game Conference.

Chicago Lays an Egg

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