Under The Globulus Chicagus

This may be the dumbest name for a post I have ever made, but I hope to surpass it some day with something more stupider. This was shot in Chicago in the dead of winter, which seems to be most of the time in Chicago. You can still see the frost on the ground there in front of the castle.
Globulus Chicagus

The Underground Peoplemover to the International Terminal

I found this on the way to Hong Kong… so I stopped for a quick shot while security eyed me with suspicion… But they have those cool TSA badges that makes them look all official and everything, but I just ignored them.
The Underground Peoplemover to the International Terminal

A Silent Bridge to the City

Chicago! You can’t go wrong with photographing this city just before or after it gets dark. All the light from the city casts sort of a matrix-glow up into the sky. It’s always a neat effect and this area around Millennium Park is always a prime area for shooting.

It’s been a while since I posted any shots from Chicago, so I am also posting another one I took several months ago that you may enjoy if you have never seen it.

A Silent Bridge to the City

The Neo Monoliths of Chicago

My Kodak Moment part 1

The below mobile-phone shot shows one of my Chicago photographs being used for commercial purposes (without my permission) at a Kodak print shop on Hanover street, Edinburgh. It was shot by Paddy Patterson, so I wanted to thank him for sending this. The shot was taken on March 22, 2007 at 1.26pm GMT.

Someone else put this on DIGG (thanks, btw) – you can digg it here: Kodak steals from one of Digg’s favorite photographers

Here is another picture of Chicago below that I took around the same time.

My Kodak Moment

The Neo Monoliths of Chicago

Chicago from the Air

This is my favorite shot of Chicago. I was happy to capture a bit of the blue lake and be lucky enough to catch the particolored sunset. This shot is facing one direction and the one below it faces the other direction. The latter was taken about 30 minutes before the upper one.

Chicago from Above

The Great Lake of Chicago

Crazy Digg Day

I got on Digg today – that was a nice surprise to get over 150,000 views on a single photograph within just a few hours. Thank you everyone who stopped by or sent along emails! Here is the picture that was “Dugg”:

My Kinda Town

The Lens of Valpopando

One of my good photography friends, Valerio, highly recommended that I get this new lens – the Sigma 10-20mm. We spent the weekend together in Napoli and took a bunch of pictures together…we put that set here on Flickr. Here is one of the first shots I have taken with the new lens from Chicago last night; I think this lens is amazing. I look forward to doing some landscapes with it as well. The second picture is one of my favorites with that lens from Valerio… who is one of the most popular photographers on Flickr… here are some of his top shots.

The Lens of Valpopando

Multi window (by valpopando)

Old Chicago

Here is a photo experiment… I think it turned out well, albeit unconventional.

Old Chicago

Mercury Melting in HDR

Here is the newly famous mirrored “Bean” melting over Chicago.

Mercury Melting

Big Brother Disapproves of Your Park Actiivity

Big Brother Disapproves of your Park Activity

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