An Evening in the Park

It’s probably way too cold now to hang out in Chicago like this, but here was an HDR shot taken about 10 PM at the new concert hall at the park.

An Evening in the City

Big Brother Approves of your Park Activity

These things are creepy-cool.

Big Brother Approves of Your Park Activity

The Great Lake of Chicago

This was taken with nine exposures on a late summer evening in Chicago. The light made the lake have sort of a Caribbean blue color. It was one of my few trips there where I did not absolutely freeze to death or get shredded by ice crystals in monsoon-strength winds.
The Great Lake of Chicago

Rainy Day in Chicago

I seem to have bad luck with rain in Chicago, and it makes taking pictures kind of difficult. Here is one I grabbed one morning after I got out of the subway.

Gothic Spire

Images of Chicago

I’ve been in Chicago for the past few days. After sweating to death in the jungles of Malaysia, it’s nice to be somewhere it’s kinda cold.

Mercury Blob

Chicago Fire Dept.

The Outdoor Concert

Here is the concert hall at the new park in Chicago. They shine all kinds of different lights on it at night to make it look all Blade-Runner.

Twisted Metal

Big Brother Disapproves

As if these new video walls in Chicago are not cool enough, they also spit out streams of water on people underneath.

Big Brother Disapproves

The Missile of Chicago

Here are a nice configuration of buildings I grabbed in Chicago when walking back to my hotel a few weeks ago.

The Missile of Chicago

An Afternoon in Chicago

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Chicago lately. Here is a picture just before sunset from the top of the John Hancock building.

An Afternoon in the City

Navy Pier

Here is the Navy Pier in Chicago at night. This was taken when they were about to close and everyone was streaming out of the park.

Navy Pier

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