Miracle in HDR

I knew if I took enough HDR pictures of churches that I would eventually get a miracle. You know, the odds are technically and scientifically in my favor. The sound the miracle made was about the same sound as when they hit that emergency switch in the hatch on Lost.

This one was a five-exposure HDR. The cloud streaks were subtle, but nice, and the tone mapping certainly helped them to pop.

This was taken from inside the cemetery, whose egress was made through this nice little white gate.

Miracle in Iceland

The Glowing Hull of the Viking Longboat

Is Iceland the coolest place on Earth? Yes.

Where else can you find things like this, frozen in time, preserved in an earthen mound under the frigid tundra… this old viking longboat, stored in perfect condition, still lit by wall torches, and used as an inverted church. What a place…

The Glowing Hull of the Viking Longboat

Sunrise Across the Icy Lake in Reykjavik

I found a nice bench and sat there for about an hour, drinking coffee, with my hand on the remote control. Oh, here come some more birds… snap snap… have some coffee… look there’s the sun… more birds now… snap snap snap… coffee is good… better increase that ISO those birds are fast… look at those clouds… more birds… snap snap… is this place real? snap… omg how am I going to process all these pictures… snap snap… thank god I have a lot of memory cards…. okay now the sunrise is even better… why did I waste those earlier shots? More birds… go slower please birds.. snap… coffee running low… okay time to move on I have a meeting soon… okay one more snap.

Sunrise Across the Icy Lake in Reykjavik

The Wrath of the Norse Gods

Hewn from stone, the temple spire awaits my approach, making my chest rattle with thunder.

This is Hallgrímskirkja, a church in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland. It is built to resemble an ancient area of the countryside, near a waterfall, where stones in these shapes were found as part of a natural geological formation.

The Large Version of this looks cool.

The Wrath of the Norse Gods

Icelandic Battleship – Whale Protection

I made it to Iceland! I only had a few minutes of daylight, so I ditched my bag in my room, threw on six layers of scarves, and headed down to the harbor.

This isn’t really a battleship. Iceland does not face many threats from the sea, except for when Greenland runs low on whales.

Icelandic Battleship in Falling Light

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