Norse Gods at Moonfall

Hallgrimskirkja is just about the coolest church in the world. I’ve never seen this style of architecture before, but it’s very satisfying from a phi-golden-ratio-geometric standpoint for some reason. I can’t put my finger on it and I don’t know why such a simple geometric style has never really been attempted in any real way by other cultures around the world.

Icelandic people are very interesting, tough, and independent. I’ve found that their thought and creative circles are almost completely separated from the traditional Western Europe (+US-spawnee) and the Far East. This leads them to do things a bit different than the rest of the world and it was refreshing to talk to the locals and see how they approach everything from a design perspective. It’s got a lot of that Scandinavian clean elegance, but still very much its own.

Norse Gods at Moonfall

Snowy Waterfall – Gulfoss in Deep Winter

This is a long shot of Gulfoss, which is one of the coldest and most slippery areas I’ve ever been in my life. One misstep and you are at the bottom of a Rube-Goldberg series of frozen waterfalls. I think the huge tripod actually helped me keep my balance!

Snowy Waterfall

Reykjavik Statue at Dusk

The ice near the town square gave off an interesting purple glow during dusk. I think it was the warm colors from inside the buildings mixing with that strange blue light from the long winter dusk.

Reykjavik Streets at Dusk

Icelandic Navy in Dock

Here are a few whale hunters.


The House on the Corner

There was still a little snow and frost on the ground on this early morning when I walked around Reykjavik to get some shots. It was one of of those days I was happy to wake up before sunrise. The cloud cover was perfect for surreal HDR time!

The House on the Corner

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Hewn and Modern – The Town Square of Reykjavik

During the middle of winter, there was not a lot of light during the day, but the dusk seemed to last for about two hours. So it was very nice to get the strange deep blue light in so many of my shots. I think it really came out as a nice backdrop color for all the warm colors and architecture in and around Reykjavik.

Hewn and Modern

Icelandic Whaling Tug

This was shot a bit after sunset at the docks in Reykjavik. The boats were rolling in with the sweet scent of whale, our friends from the sea, opened up an blubbering all over the place. I think the ships get so heavy and full-o-whale, that they keep a fleet of these tugs handy.

Beneath the picture of the tug boat is a picture that I sensationally called an Icelandic Battleship. Of course, it is nothing of the sort. It’s merely a Dutch Coast Guard ship, but it looked fairly imposing in the cramped Reykjavik harbor.

Icelandic Whaling Tug

Icelandic Battleship - Protecting the Whales

Midnight Milky Lagoon – The Geothermal Baths of Iceland

This is a portion of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland just after dusk. The water was a hot and steamy milky-white, filled with all kind of nutrients and minerals. At this time of night, there was hardly anyone inside, so I felt like less lecherous walking around a swimming pool with my camera.

Midnight Milky Lagoon

Godly Sunrise in Iceland, the coolest church in Reykjavik and probably the world

This is Hallgrimskirkja, and I think this is the coolest church I have ever seen. I could not find a bad angle for this thing. The shape seemed to be pleasing to my math sense from whichever direction I composed the shot.

I have posted a shot of the interior underneath. I call it “The Haunting Hull of the Viking Longboat” or somesuch. I forget this grandiloquent names over time, but it was something to that effect.

Godly Sunrise in Reykjavik

The Glowing Hull of the Viking Longboat

The Ruined House

I enjoyed exploring the wiles of Iceland on this strangely-clouded day. It made for idyllic settings for ruin-hunting. I always expected to find Eric the Red’s skeleton inside, holding a few gold coins and a treasure map, but nothing of the sort happened. In fact, all that happened was I got back into a leather-seated car and ate a Snickers bar.

The Ruined House

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