The Impossible Mountains

New eBook from David DuChemin

David just released a new book about shooting in Venice that you might want to check out! Even if you are not going to Venice, he talks about how he took each and every shot… good data that is easily transferable to any situation. Besides that, he’s got a good selection of eBooks on there… maybe something will meet your fancy?

Daily Photo – The Impossible Mountains

I spent a wonderful day and night on a farm in the far north of Iceland with fellow photographers Helga Kvam and Völundur Jónsson. We went out to do some shooting together, and then they made me a fantastic meal… I took a bunch of photos of that event that I will post at a later time.

Völundur and I were discussing one particular mountain that was extremely difficult to photograph. I can’t pronounce the name since I can’t speak dolphin, but it’s about two hours outside of Akureyri. The mountain is very spiky and narrow, and it’s embedded in a very rough patch of peaks.

So I did my best to capture it in context. There are great super-hairy horses everywhere, and four of them were playing on one side of the river. I set up… and waited….waited….waited…. for them to get in the right spot and then finally took a photo.

This shot was taken around midnight. Incredible light for that time, eh?


Entering the Fjord

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I just finished a fun one on Sunday night for the Austin Photography Group. It was a very enthusiastic crowd and I was happy to meet many of them and talk about HDR Photography. Here are some other upcoming ones.

  • Google – In early February, I was invited to come out to the Google HQ to give a talk for their [email protected] program. I do not think that it is open to the public, but it will be recorded to be put online to be shared with everyone. I’ll let you know when it comes available!
  • Ignite Austin – Jan 13 – I believe this event is totally sold out, but you may still be able to get in… or show up and fight your way in!
  • Art Institute of Austin – Jan 14 – This sounds like a great group of people, and we’ll be able to get a bit more in depth into the artistic side of things.  Or, at least that is my hope!  I look forward to meeting you all! 🙂

Daily Photo – Entering the Fjord

Sometimes I get annoyed when I make a wrong turn, but not this time!  I was trying to find a remote place in the far northern part of Iceland, and I ended up going the wrong way.  Before I knew it, I was several miles deep into this fjord, but I could not bring myself to turn around.  It was too interesting and pretty!

The next day, I ended up finding the right way to go, but with white-out snow conditions, the road was sketchy.  VERY sketchy.  It was one of those situations where I was just inching along, scared witless, and giant trucks would occasionally blow by me at 60 km/h!  I was thinking… Jeez, these Icelanders are crazy!

Entering the Fjord

A Church in the Snow

I was reminded of my time in Iceland because my friend Helga just tagged me in that 25 Things deal that is going around Facebook. I guess I have to do it now, eh? Helga, you have something to do for me too… a surprise for the readers here on the blog! So get on it…

In honor of that, I’ll post a photo from her home town, up in one of the northernmost fjords of Iceland in a small village called Akureyri. This is a little church that was sitting alone in the morning snow, after I woke up early to go out and do some exploration…

I’ll post that 25 things later today if I get around to it! 🙂

A Church in the Snow (by Stuck in Customs)

Exploring the Valleys Beyond the Fjords of Akureyri

I had always wanted to visit fjords ever since reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as a kid… picturing Slartibartfast carving them up was something that always stuck in my mind. The first ones I got to visit were in Iceland after I went up north to stay in Akureyri for a few days. I had actually intended to go one place that my friend Helga suggested, but I ended up getting lost, which is okay enough. This fjord valley kept going and going as the sun started to rise over the edges. I pulled over every few miles whenever the moment seemed right to shoot, and it seemed right so often!

Exploring the Valleys Beyond the Fjords of Akureyri

Drydocked for the Winter

Man…it’s cold in Iceland.

Drydocked for the Winter

The Lighthouse Built in 1939

This lighthouse is directly across the fjord from Akureyri, which is just a quick and slightly chilly swim away.
The Lighthouse Built in 1939

The Church in Winter

I walked around this church a few times to get the right angle… and both times around I stepped into the same mega snowdrift. I think it happened the second time because I cursed the first.
The Church in Winter

The Ice Ripper

It was a rough day in Akureyri, so I spent most of the day on the internet in conference calls with the other cold as hell place I go a lot – Ukraine. Closer to sunset, I went down to the docks to see some of the old weather-beaten ships and found this…
The Ice Breaker

Don’t Worry Mom – The Roads in Iceland Aren’t That Bad

I drove up to the extreme north of Iceland yesterday to do some serious exploration. I told my mom not to worry… the roads are not too bad. I know that sign says “Impassable”, but that sign is clearly for other people, or it is written in Icelandic and means something completely different in English.

I could try to describe how cold it is, but I will not.
Don't Worry Mom - The Roads in Iceland Aren't That Bad

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