This is Classified

He would not tell me his name.

He would not tell me his dreams.

I found him at a pro-Hezbollah rally in Paris. I asked if I could take a photograph of his interesting face. He tapped his ear, looked sideways, and then said I could take his picture even though “you have the blue eyes.”

This is classified

This Tower Thing

I found this weird tower thing in France… I had never heard of it but I decided to take a picture anyway.

The Silo

Notre Dame at Noon

I didn’t have my tripod this day in Paris, so I took a lot of handheld shots, most of which still turned out okay. I really tend to rely on my tripod now… sort of a crutch. Anyway, here is one of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame at Noon

I found myself, quite by accident, in a Palastinian rally in Paris

This is Ahmed

This is Ahmed.

Ahmed’s dream is to see Israel wiped off the face of the map. With dark eyes, he stares out across a sea of men yelling “Praise Allah”.

Ahmed is currently attending a Hezbollah rally in Paris, holding a poster of a burned Palastinian child.

This comes from a series of portraits I have in a set over on Flickr:

Portrait Mosaic

Notre Dame

In Paris, I get to Notre Dame just as the clouds were perfect, so I was lucky with this HDR.

Nohdre Dame

Sunset Picnic in Paris

I had a hellish layover in Paris because of plane troubles, so I grabbed a train into Paris for the evening. Right when I came out of the subway, I was in the middle of an anti-Isreal pro-Hisbollah rally… That is not the picture below, obviously… these are all happy white people eating grapes and talking about how nice the 35 hour work week is.
Sunset Picnic in Paris

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