A vital error in neck craniing

Did you know the Eiffel Tower has somehow acquired the exclusive rights to own all photographs of the tower at night? If I were to try to sell this picture, I’d get in trouble unless I paid them… Actually, this one is at twilight, so I am not sure. But either way, it seems like a silly thing.

My neck hurts, he mutters, quickly realizing a critical trigonometry miscalculation


These are some of the tour boats that line up on the edge of the Seine early in the morning.

I decided to stop for a snack in a French cafe because I got tired of the Hezbollah dudes

After emerging from the Parisian subway into the middle of a Hezbollah rally, I quickly made an egress (after snapping a few shots, of course), and found this really awesome fruit dessert cafe along the Seine.

I decided to stop for a snack in a French cafe because I got tired of the Hezbollah dudes

Parisian Opera House

Here is the southern part of the opera house in Paris. It was a bright and sunny day, so everything came out nice and sharp.

The Parisian Opera House in Summer

The Shrubbery of Ni

I found what the knights wanted… Actually there was a sign there that said No Entry, but I ignored that because the flowers were too pretty not to capture with the Eiffel.

Shrubbery of Ni

Power of God

I thought this was sort of an armageddon / apocalypse / revelations view of Notre Dame. I was lucky that day with the clouds that makes this place look more extreme… even though it is pretty extreme on its own anyway.

Power of God

Evening in the Park

Here’s that tower thing that I can’t ever remember the name of… I asked a bunch of French people while I was there and they would just give me a blank stare, like they didn’t understand Esperanto.
Evening at the Park

Petit Palais near the Tuileries

Here is a non-HDR shot of the Petit Palais, which is not so petite, but it is moreso than the Grand Palais from across the street.

On the way to the Tuileries

Here is a map from Google maps about where I was… testing this thing out:

Angels Watching Over Paris

This photo came out surprisingly nicely. This was shot over the Seine as I was walking over towards the Eiffel Tower at sunset.

Angels Watching Over Paris

The Cannon was Aimed Vaguely Towards Germany

Here is the pinnacle of French military technology. This has been converted to a water cannon to hose down people that are protesting the inhumane 35-hour work week.

The cannon was vaguely aimed towards Germany

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