Girders and Rails

Here is a very cool little rollercoasterat Disneyworld.

Girders and Rails

Ice Crystals at Epcot

The clouds at Epcot were rather Disneyesque…

Sky Ice Crystals at Epcot

The Finale – Fireworks in the Magic Kingdom

I recently read a funny thing on Boing Boing where a another guy had visited Disney World and had a similar experience to me.  When you go there with your kids for the first time, you discover some secret area of your brain that Disney had been pre-wiring for the past thirty years that suddenly got a shock as soon as I entered the park, releasing an otherworldly flow of endorphins.

I think I like the reflections in the water best in this one.

The Finale

Elephant Reflections

We found this guy in a perfect reflection pose in the Animal Kingdom. Ethan and I were about to jump out of the jeep to go over and saw off his ivory tusks so we could make some new silverware, but we thought that might be in bad taste.

Elephant Reflections


I thought the textures in the sky and the tower here were kinda nice so I got this shot.


Amazing Fireworks at Disney World

This night was a special night for sure because Ethan lost his first tooth.  It was also  his first time ever at Disney World and the first time to see the fireworks, so it was sort of a perfect storm of magic.

He was very nervous about me pulling out the tooth, so five minutes before the show, I told him the magic of Disney would help me with the extraction.  We both have a bit of wizard in us, anyway, he responded.  I pulled it out and he was shocked… then just sat in awe to watch the fireworks while his dad fired away with the camera.

I took a lot of great shots of the fireworks show.  It was tough to pick a favorite… but this one was right up there.  I hope you enjoy it.

Just Another Night at Disney World

The Main Street Confectionery

You can’t go wrong with Disney’s main street at night, can you? It’s okay to forgo the extra calories with all that walking… at least that what I kept telling myself.

Also, I didn’t realize before going that the castle changes color every few minutes with tons of different lighting configurations. You can see the warm orange colors in the large version below.
The Confectionary at the Magic Kingdom

The Scary Apothecary

This is a tiny theater-shaped building that actually is a dessert shot in MGM Studios that is lit well in the evening. It’s called the Scary Apothecary, but the only thing scary about it is the delish calories.

The Scary Apothecary

The Haunted Tower

Here is the Hollywood Tower Hotel thing in Disney World.  We waited, of course, until midnight to actually go on the ride.  It was great fun and the coolest thing about it is the ride is different whenever you get on it.  There is a randomizer that goes through one of a few set programs that changes the way the elevator flies up and down the hotel.  It’s really crazy.  Also, I recommend NOT carrying a tripod on the ride.  That was a mistake.

The Haunted Hotel

Castle Reflections

I spent a lot of time outside of bathrooms wandering around with my camera. I ended up on this not-oft-visited side of the Disney Castle.  I wonder if they have secret rooms at the top of the castle with high-speed internet.  If I ran Disney, I would put my most creative people in the top of those spires in cool little offices and equip them with crossbows and burning pitch just in case.

Castle Reflections

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