Back to Costa Rica

Tomorrow I am headed back to Costa Rica for a while. Last time I was down there, the weather was a perfect 72 degrees the entire time, something I did not expect for a tropical rainforest on the equator. This time, I am going to shy away from the rainforest and go for the volcanoes. I understand there are nine active volcanoes in the country, so there is no excuse if I can’t find one of them.

Iguana Attack!

I was barefooted walking around the amphitheatre area, and I was about 1 inch from stepping on a huge iguana. It must have been three feet long – bigger than a good-sized dog. I stood there in shock for a few seconds, since it seemed unreal to have something so big and green scurrying away from me. It did stop running and I got in close for a few pictures. In retrospect, I was much too close.


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