Vancouver at Midnight

This is an HDR of Vancouver taken from Stanley Park very late at night. We headed over there after a dinner party since it was one of the few nights it wasn’t raining, we wanted to take the opportunity to see the city.

Vancouver at Midnight

Skyscrapers in the Storm

Another cloudy day from Vancouver…

Skyscrapers in the Storm

Racoon Alert

I found this little devil in Vancouver’s Stanley Park a few weeks ago. You can see how huge the fall leaves are all around him.

Alert in Autumn

Morning Mist on the Lagoon

This was taken at Stanley Park in Vancouver. You can see the autumn colors in the window.

Morning Mist at the Lagoon

Most Rain Ever

Daily Photo: The Rainy Season of Vancouver

There is a torrential downpour here in Vancouver, and they say this is the most rain British Colombia has gotten in a long time. It hasn’t been the best for taking pictures, but it did allow for a few moody scenes like this one below:

The Rainy Season of Vancouver

Vancouver by day and by night

I am up here in Vancouver giving a speech on virtual economies to the Fraser Institute, this Libertarian think tank that comprises the only 200 Libertarians in the entire country. Here are a few HDR shots of the Lion’s Gate bridge and West Vancouver at night.

Hello Vancouver

West Vancouver

First Snow

Here is Isabella, experiencing her first snowfall… She was quite mesmerized, to say the least.

First Snow

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