British Colombia in HDR

Here is a shot of a small bay town between Vancouver and Whistler that I forgot the name of…

The Fog of British Colombia


An old boat area from the docks in Vancouver…


The HDR Tesla Coil in the Storm

The clouds and the storm were just about right for transmitting electricity through the ground, so I had to grab this HDR of the Tesla Coil in Vancouver.

The Tesla Coil in a Storm

The Hidden Pond

Here is a nice little foggy pond at sunset in Vancouver in the Autumn. I can’t think of a better time of year or conditions to shoot around there.

The Hidden Pond

Across the Lake

Here is a shot of the blue storm over Vanconver one evening, from across the lake in Stanley Park.

Across the Lake

Little Boxes

Here are some cool homes on Granville Island in Vancouver. For some reason, looking at that green house on the right makes me dizzy.

Little Boxes

Blue Vancouver

This is the Lion’s Gate late one evening as the fog rolled into the bay. I was lucky it was stormy most of the time there, because that tends to make for more interesting photographs. If you squint closely at this picture of Canada, you can see the socialized medicine.
The Blue Storm

The Pictures are Hung

Over the weekend we hung pictures up at the gallery. Everything looks pretty sharp and those of you are coming to the gallery opening should see something a bit different, perhaps. I don’t know… impossible to be objective, but I do know it is different than what is usually shown there at Halcyon.

I’ll be showing about 45 pieces. Here is a sampling of the ones at the show. You will notice the first three are exceptionally pointy.
Dark Storm over Vancouver:

The Rainy Season of Vancouver



Spires of God:

The Duomo, the Heaven Side

Farewell Holland:

Farewell Holland

Fourth on Lake Austin:

Fourth on Lake Austin

This is Nathaniel:

This is Nathaniel

Rush Hour in Seoul:

Rush Hour

One Night in Bangkok:

One Night in Bangkok

Snowy Crik

Here is a scenic little snowy creek in Whistler.

Snowy Crik

Evil Clouds Over Vancouver

This HDR was taken during the Autumn storms there.

Evil Clouds Over Vancouver

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