Ye Olde Traine Statione

I suppose it is not old enough to denote the medieval “e” on the end… This was shot in Old Sacramento near the train museum.
The Railroad Depot

End of the Railroad

This was shot in Sacramento, CA at the Railroad Museum.
End of the Railroad

I’ll Meet You at the Train Station

This is the old train station in Sacramento. I thought this one turned out rather well!

I'll Meet You at the Train Station

Engine House

This is part of the old Union Pacific complex in Sacramento, California. They had a bunch of old trains there and I kept running into old crotchety engineers in overalls that didn’t like the look of me our my new-fangled camera.

Engine House

Union Station Classic

Union Pacific had a lot of old train cars at a classic train station in Old Sacramento. This one turned out really interesting with the sun burning above the depot and the old yellow passenger car.

Union Pacific Classic

Old Sacramento and the Teetering Wells Fargo Building

I walked around rustic old Sacramento with my mom and grabbed a bunch of shots. The old Wells Fargo building is below. I don’t know how much of the facade is original, but it looks like it to me.

Old Sacramento and Teetering Wells Fargo

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