Guarding the Beaches of LA

Being a lifeguard in LA must be a great job. Or it might be a boring job. Or it might have occasions of greatness filled with a long periods of boredom.

There was a lifeguard sitting here in the station on Manhattan Beach when I took the shot. I guess I could have asked her while I stood outside her station for 10 minutes with all my glass aimed right at her. I kept giving her a nod of confidence, indicating that everything was okay. I was really just waiting for the colors to get right in the reflection.

Guarding the Beaches of LA (by Stuck in Customs)

A Mini-Land of San Francisco

Everyone always seems to like San Francisco, eh? It’s one of those places that people either have fond memories of, or an ongoing feeling like they need to go there.

I know some photographers are probably familiar with this tilt-shift type of shot. For those of you not familiar with it, there is a way to take photos and convert them into something that looks like a miniature. You can do it in-camera with a certain kind of lens, or afterwards with some post-processing. I don’t do a lot of tilt-shift stuff, but I thought I would share this one! 🙂

The Mini-Land of San Francisco

The Twisted Metal of Disney

This is the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. It was designed by Frank Gehry and completed in 2003.

The day was pretty hot, even for LA, so I ducked inside for a bit. There was some kind of event going on, and I was able to slip between the cracks of security to enter the inner sanctum. I would go grab a manager and try to explain the whole situation… like… you know… you really DO want me to take photos of this place… millions of people on the website will see it and want to come here and pay you money… but then again, I usually end up speaking to some low-level functionary that barely has the authority to tie their own shoes while on the clock. So, often, I don’t bother, and just sneak around, which is not easy with a tripod and the tank of a Nikon atop. I did get some shots from the interior of the concert hall as well, which I hope to process in coming months… as always, this is another thread that will get closed in true Lost fashion before the season ends…

The Twisted Metal in Los Angeles (by Stuck in Customs)

The Surf in LA as Night Passes

There’s this moment in California when the sun hits the horizon that I am quite sure most of the natives take for granted. The gradation of sky from the burning sun to the deep blues can only be really appreciated if you swing your head around and purge your short-term memory. The effect is not dissimilar to the optical illusion of the giant full moon on some evenings, seemingly magnified by our inability to establish a frame of reference. I think something along those lines happens with color as the sun dips. You can see this from space, as the sudden band from light to dark rips around the earth — that same viewing cone can be seen from anywhere on the surface, and it can be best noticed in places like LA, with the nearly infinite horizon.

The Surf in LA as Night Passes (by Stuck in Customs)

Hollywood and the El Capitan Theater

This is a cool part of Hollywood with a lot of activity and interesting people-watching.  I do very much enjoy sitting stil with my camera and watching hundreds of interesting-people walk by, and it’s even better when there is a surreal background.  In the distance there is the famous El Capitan Theater.  You might have to click on ALL SIZES to get to the larger size to see it in detail.

Hollywood and El Capitan Theater

The Fountains at Hollywood and Highland

Some lovely fountains just after dark in the center of a popular shopping center in Hollywood. The red sea of children playing in the water parted in time for me to take this photo.
The Fountains at Hollywood and Highland

The Lonely Road to the Dinosaur Dig

It was an amazing week out with Jack Horner and his crew. We could not have been any more remote! Out deep in the wheat fields of Montana, we were met every morning with amazing sunrises and the evenings had these surreal sunsets.

I’ll post more about the dinosaur dig, what we discovered, and all sorts of things in coming months… it was quite a trip and Jack was every bit the hero my son envisioned!

The Lonely Road to the Dinosaur Dig

A Perfect Morning at Glacier National Park

I’m back in Montana for a few days!

We were graciously invited by Jack Horner up to northern Montana to join him on a dinosaur dig, My 7-year-old son (and the 7-year-old in me) is excited as can be by this once in a lifetime experience. We are not sure yet, but we think there is a special kind of Tyrannosaurus Rex that has been uncovered near Rudyard, Montana. Jack has his dig team out there, so we are going to camp out with them for a while and help with the dig… we are mega excited.

For a few nights before the dig, I took the family unit here to nearby Glacier National Park. We stayed at the Many Glacier Inn, which is this 1930’s Swiss-style chalet on a beautiful lake looking out at Mount Grinnell and several glaciers.

I woke up early in the morning to get this shot, while the rest of my family and the inn was still asleep. As usual, I had my ipod on full blast while I took in the scene and snapped away.

If you look down at the bottom, you can see all the rocks through the crystal-clear glacial lake.

A Perfect Morning at Glacier National Park

Grand Theft Auto 4 in LA

This is one of most famous buildings in LA for these kind of advertisements. I can’t think of a cooler one than showing those three characters from GTA4. Even though I played and beat the game, I am not quite sure I ran into that gal on the left… I think I would remember that.

Grand Theft Auto 4 in LA

Kris Kros in his Prime

Here is one of everyone’s favorites, in his prime walking the streets of downtown LA, with his camera over his shoulder, in his element.

Kris Kros in his Prime

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