Glacier in the Fog

Digital Workflow and Stuff

This is a little presentation I did at the Apple store here in Austin.

Now, many of you have heard different flavors of this talk before. But, there is some new stuff in here (at 22:08) , particularly about workflow and how I keep track of my digital assets. I also have a more thorough Digital Workflow eBook that even comes with a video.

Want to see a full timecode / description? Visit this one on my YouTube page.

Daily Photo – Glacier in the Fog

Yesterday’s photo was of Glacier National Park, and today we have another glacier – but this one is from Argentina.

The glaciers in Glacier National Park are really quite boring. I’m sure that’s not a nice thing to say, but it’s true. The only ones I saw were quite far away and not very epic-looking. Maybe I was in the wrong place, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong! 🙂

Glacier in the FogYesterday's photo was of Glacier National Park, and today we have another glacier - but this one is from Argentina.The glaciers in Glacier National Park are really quite boring.  I'm sure that's not a nice thing to say, but it's true.  The only ones I saw were quite far away and not very epic-looking.  Maybe I was in the wrong place, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! :)- Trey RatcliffRead more (and see a video of a cool workflow presentation) here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Deep into the Patagonia Glacier

High Dynamic Range Photo

SmugMug is using Amazon S3 to serve all these up... and I feel like I'm kind of eating too much at their all-you-can eat buffet of data!

175,000 Photo Views a Day

You guys are crazy! It’s been a while since I checked the SmugMug stats, so I was surprised to see the ever-steady increase in the daily photo views.  When you combine this with the 22 million from Flickr, we are well past 60 million views.  I guess the photos are good enough to keep people coming back – so thank you very much!  I’m still very happy with SmugMug — if you are thinking of switching to put your portfolio and photos there, I still highly recommend it.

See my full SmugMug Review for more.

Daily Photo – Deep into the Patagonia Glacier

This is where my Russian friend first produced a bottle of cognac from his inside breast pocket. And it was not a small bottle.

Even more baffling, during at least ten other major photography moments, he would pull a brand new cognac bottle from a different pocket. He was like a clown with endless streams of hidden tardis-like pockets. On one of the final nights of the hike, in fact, we were running low on food and there was nothing to drink. Upon hearing this, he simply raised his eyebrows and pulled out three full bottles of cognac and set them upon a log.

This is the Perito Mereno Glacier, and this thing is over two miles wide. Unfortunately, everything is so huge in the photo that you can’t get a sense of the scale. When you see huge chunks cleave off, it all happens in slow motion, just like the movies. And the sound is like an icy thunder.

See the Argentina category for more shots from this area!

Perito Mereno Glacier

Russian in the Woods

Join me on Twit.TV today!

4 PM Pacific Time today (Friday), join me live on video at! I’ll be on with Lisa Bettany and Leo Laporte for a new photography show. If you can join live in the chat room, I’ll hand out a free gift for all of you in there!

@Photoshop Tweets from Adobe Speech

During my talk yesterday at Adobe, the team there sent out a bunch of tweets… quoting me during the talk. I grabbed a bunch of them to put here below for you, in advance of the video that I think they are workin’ on:

@Photoshop @TreyRatcliff “Art on the Internet is just getting started, its not a saturated market.”

@Photoshop @TreyRatcliff “You have to have saturated and not saturated parts of the image to give eyes a break and keep viewers on the image”

@Photoshop @TreyRatcliff “We picture ourselves as stars of our own movie…and we like to capture it for ourselves in a more meaningful, rich way.”

@Photoshop @TreyRatcliff “Next time you go out to shoot, try wearing some ear phones..What happens is unexpected.”

@Photoshop @TreyRatcliff “If you can separate yourself from what is going on, everything can become dreamlike and you can see things in a new light.”

@Photoshop @TreyRatcliff “I challenge you to be awesome. We’re at an unprecented time in history to be awesome together rather than alone.”

Daily Photo – Russian in the Woods

Russians often just look cool. I don’t know how they do it. They don’t even have to try, but they just kind of have this “edge” that I can’t put my finger on.

I took this shot of Vulva (pronounce the “V” like Chekov did with nuclear wessuls) when we were walking in the woods in Patagonia. I had gotten up ahead of him about a quarter mile, and I stopped to take of my bag to get a snack. I like snacks when hiking. Snacks are so good. Anyway, I heard Vulva coming up behind me, so I spun around my camera to take this quick photo of him walking at me. I told him that I thought he looked really cool, but I think he thought I was just being a cheeky American.

High Dynamic Range Photography

Natalia on the Farm

Daily Photo – Natalia on the Farm

After getting back from one of those long hikes in Patagonia, I stayed with my Russian friends at a small hotel in El Chalten. It was a little family-run operation and the daughter Natalia helped out by running errands and these sorts of things. I took her around with me to take some photos in the little town, and she was happy to pose! It was plenty easy to find all kinds of interesting backgrounds, since El Chalten is a picturesque little town with old buildings, horses in fields, and mountainous backdrops.

HDR Photo

The Valley To Forever

HDR Workshop

Update:  SOLD OUT Registration opened this morning on the HDR Workshop page! Thanks, and I look forward to that upcoming weekend!

(I know some people had issues with website / foreign currency problems & paypal. Just email support at if there are worries – they will take good care of you – thanks!)

Daily Photo – The Valley To Forever

The first part of one of my hikes in the Andes included a pretty serious jaunt up a mountain. This was jarring in many ways — mostly because I simply wasn’t expecting it. But, once I got to the top, and emerged to the other side, I was afforded this view.

My lackluster food rations and absolute lack of Internet was not really an issue with this sort of view. It was nice to be able to spend hours and hours hiking without having to worry about checking my email. Maybe this is partly why I like adventuring in remote places so much… I have really good excuses for being slow on emailing people back! When I am on the Internet, and people see me on Twitter all the time… they know I am there… they know they know… and ignored emails and tweets have no excuse!

The Valley to Forever

My Nymph in the River

Newsletter Growing Like Crazy!

We send out a newsletter about once a month or so… I make sure that newsletter subscribers get early looks at things, sneak previews, and the best of the month, all wrapped into a pretty little package.

Daily Photo – My Nymph in the River

Nestled deep inside this landscape is Irina. She is getting some fresh water for our camp. Irina took care of me night and day, making me all sorts of food, snacks, and drinks along the way. Over the entire trek, we went about 40km through the Andes, so I’m quite sure she helped keep me alive!

This beautiful location was near one of the many glacial rivers that flows out of the mountains. The air was cool and crisp, but not frigidly cold. You can see Irina has a little hoodie up to keep her nymph-ears warm. The air was just about perfect for the strenuous hike, because I ended up generating quite a bit of heat while carrying so much photography equipment.


10 Amazing, Incredible, and Remarkable Adjectives

10 Amazing, Incredible, and Remarkable Adjectives

1. Amazing

2. Incredible

3. Remarkable

[Insert Annoying Ad here.]

4. Mind-Blowing

5.  Obamariffic

6.  Redonkulous

7.  Jaw Shattering

8.  H1n1ilicious

9.  Pants-Smelling

10.  Adjectival

Daily Photo – My Adventure Buddy in Argentina

I’m relatively picky when it comes to travel partners.  #1 rule:  Don’t annoy me.  Is that too much to ask?

So, I choose my travel partners with care… and I did not make any mistakes with my Russian friends in Argentina.  They were perfectly affable and enjoyable travel-buddies.  There when you needed them and gone when you didn’t…  it’s hard to explain, but maybe some of you know what I mean.

Below is Vulva, a wonderful guy with a gentle spirit.  He’s tall, somewhat severe-looking, and has a booming Russian voice, but he has a tiny Buddha inside of him… a really great guy.  One morning, we woke up and went out to shoot in fresh snow.  I grabbed this one of him in the woods before taking a little hike to the glacier below.

The Textures Tutorial video, which is always a popular thing, shows how I edited the second photo below… I recorded a screencast and talked through my steps in its creation.



The Edge of Chile

Abduzeedo Gets the Exclusive!

I have released a new video today that you just gotta see.  The Exclusive rights to show it were nabbed up by and the amazing team of Fabio, Gisele, and all the other from that Brazilian Design Powerhouse!  Fabio actually came to my Google Talk on HDR Photography in Mountain View, so it was really cool to meet him in person.

We will be showing the video here on StuckInCustoms tomorrow, but you should head over to Abduzeedo in the meantime.  That site is a constant source of artistic inspiration for me…  I think you will dig it too.

New Shot from the Textures Tutorial

Today’s photo below was made with a few of my 150 Textures from the popular Textures Tutorial.  The downloads on this thing have been crazy…  There is even an illegal site out there that shows over 30,000 downloads.  Pirates!  Anyway, I know none of you nice people would do such a thing… so I appreciate the support you give your friendly internet artists! 🙂

William Beem recently put up a review on the aptly named – I can tell from that photo that he is really getting the hang of it – cool!

Daily Photo – The Edge of Chile

Today’s photo comes from the from the very southern tip of the Americas. It is a bitterly cold place, even in the summer. I believe that the glaciation period is relatively recent, so the peaks are extra jagged and everything feels fresh and raw.

I can’t believe there are actually people that climb this thing! It was hard enough getting myself up high enough on a distant peak to take this shot. Then again, I’m not exactly in mountain-climbing shape. I’ve heard the old answer to the question, “Why do you climb the mountain?” The answer is always, “Because it’s there”. Funny — that is my same answer when people ask my why I don’t want to climb the mountain.


A Rocky Morning

Bonus Stuff For You

I have several sections of the website with miscellaneous stuff that has built up over the years. I give out recommendations all the time on books, music, apps, etc etc. Some of this stuff needs an update, but some stuff is pretty fresh!

  • Best TED Talks – I just added a great one by Stephen Wolfram…  I studied Computer Science and Math in college… so I like that guy
  • Trey’s Book List – A list of some really cool books that I recommend!
  • Twitter Lists – Looking for interesting people to follow?  See these!
  • Photography Gadgets – Some cool gadgets I use, including the wonderful Green Cube that everyone loves!

Daily Photo – A Rocky Morning

One morning when I crawled out of my tent in Argentina, a dense cloud was just rolling through. I got out to explore a bit, and the cloud quickly blew away to reveal an amazing landscape.

I had planned just to take a few shots and then go back to the camp and make some breakfast.  But then, I saw something interesting just around the other side of the rocks.  And then, I got over there and saw something else that might be interesting.  And it was.  And then I saw something even further away…



Little Update to the Noiseware Review

You guys know I love Noiseware and use it all the time. I added another screenshot to the Noiseware Review so you can see it in action under normal settings.

I have used many different noise-reduction software packages. Many are very good! In fact, it’s almost a push. To me, it comes down to the best UI — and, for me, personally, Noiseware is the easiest to use.

What is your experience? Do you have Noise Reduction software you prefer?

Daily Photo – Riverfall

Even though I know the science inside out, the idea that one hemisphere swings into Autumn while the other turns into Spring always is a very cool concept to me! It’s so strange to go from the southern hemisphere where the colors are just starting to change to the deep oranges and reds — and then arrive in the northern hemisphere where everything is just starting to bloom!

This is a perfect little river down in Argentina. It emptied from a big glacial lake, so there is always a bit of a strange color and tinge to the water… but it is very nice and other-worldly, in a way.

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