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“I love 100 Cameras!” – iPad Today, Sarah Lane
“Trey Ratcliff Releases One Of The Sexiest Photo Editing Apps For iPad” – Robert Scoble
“It’s a simple yet powerful way to add fun effects to your captured memories.” – USA Today
“100 Cameras in 1 for iPad is a quantum leap above the others” – Doug Kaye in iTunes

100 Cameras in 1 for the iPad!

The Top 10 App for the iPhone (iPhone Version) comes to the iPad. Bigger and bolder!

? Fast, simple, and light. Designed for speed and ease-of-use
? Use your existing library to give existing photos 100 new magical looks
? or… take new photos (iPad 2+ only)
? 100 different effects that use mixes of hardlight, overlay, and more with beautiful textures from around the world.
? iPad version has many many additional features, including hi-res effects at 2000×2000 pixels.
? A “new” kind of app that takes the editing process in a whole new, beautiful durections
? Share your photos on email, Twitter, Facebook, SmugMug and Flickr!
? Gamecenter support. Unlock fun achievements!

Other features:
? 100 unique effects, many mixed together with exotic textures from all over the world
? Poetic names so that you get a general feel of the effect to put you in a creative mood
? A new “Explore” area with helpful hints, good links, and even more
? Uses a predictive algorithm to guess which way you will “swipe” the image next so that the upcoming effects load instantly

Short Video Preview with Robert Scoble

Video Review by Sarah Lane and Leo Laporte on iPad Today

What does it look like?

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

How does the camera work? (iPad 2 only)

We’ve used an innovative “popup camera” system that lets you take a photo very quickly when you press the camera button. It will switch to portrait or landscape, depending upon how you hold the iPad. When you take the photo, you immediately get all 100 versions, or you can choose to “retake” the photo. Simple!

iPad Camera

And here are a few more screenshots!

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

iPad Camera

Review by Pelpina from Webbeat TV

  • Neil k

    I don’t see the iPad version on app store, is it yet to be released?

  • We submitted to Apple a few days ago… so, just waiting on approval ! 🙂

  • Deep A

    I thought I was downloading the ipad app on my iPad2 but apparently I got the IPhone version ( I know see that the iPad version is still not in app store ). Is there any way that I could swap my version when the new one becomes available.

  • Jimmy S

    Downloaded the iphone app by mistake. I have an ipad. Your iphone app doesn’t seem to work on ipad. I heard your comments on TWIP and thought that the iphone app would work. Anyway to get the ipad app in place of the iphone

  • Aha ! Well – the iphone version SHOULD work on the iPad — mine does! But we do have a special iPad one waiting in the queue… “100 Cameras in 1 for iPad”

  • Ian

    Very cool…was checking out your blog after listening to twip and saw this.

  • Just downloaded the iPhone app onto my iPad 2 and even uploaded my first pic from the app, http://flic.kr/p/9qYZMk.
    Love playing around with the filters. Cannot wait for the iPad version.

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  • Andy

    Ummm – heard about this app on twit. Bought it but it is an iPhone sized app on my iPad. Yeah it works on the iPad but I have to hit the horrible 2x zoom button to fill thescreen. Not what I expected when you said explicitly on twit podcast that it was for both – meaning it should be universal. I feel very misled. I mean, all iPhone apps work on the iPad. When you say something explicitly works on the iPad you must mean it’s universal, otherwise why mention the obvious?

    Now here is a question – the new iPad version above looks great. Will I have to buy it again to get that? Or will you roll the new features into a proper universal app that I thought I was buying in the first place? Wuld be nic to see the yin/yang thing in the iPhone version.

  • Kevin Doyle

    I have the same question as Andy – will the app be Universal or a “HD” version of the iPhone app?

  • Andy and Kevin – The app for the iPad is called “100 Cameras in 1 for iPad”. We’ve been waiting over two weeks and then some for Apple to approve! It’s very slow, yes? Anyway, it is NOT a universal app. The iPad version is much different, as you can see above. Anyway, I hope all this is cleared up as soon as the iPad version is available in the iTunes store. This is the danger with mentioning it early. Andy, and sorry for the confusion, when I said we had a version for both, I did not mean universal, but I see how that can sound like it is a universal app.

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  • Okay, now it’s officially out! Hehe… sorry for the delay! 🙂

  • Terry Pardy

    Great program but you have a typo in the export tab – Library is mislaid!

  • Terry Pardy

    That was misspelt!

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    We’re planning to write a review of 100 Cameras in 1 iPad, so I would like to ask you for a review code for reviewing purposes.

    Thanks again and best regards,

    Sérgio Miranda
    Revista MAC+
    R. Haddock Lobo, 347, 12º andar
    01414-001 – São Paulo – SP
    11 – 3217-2718

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  • Kelly a

    I have the iPhone app and like if. I got the iPad app because it looks even better. It seems to be a great app but it keeps crashing. Usually after a save but other times as well. While it works I love it. I hope you can help me out. Am I the only one?

  • Justin Reynolds

    I found a bug. When you click on Library, then with the pull down menu down click on Explore. crashes back to home every time. I have a iPad 2, using version 4.3. App version 1. Just thought I would say something. Kinda annoying but its not a big one. Bought the app today love it so far.

  • Kim Eakin

    Ok…..this camera app looks great. Now where is the Android version? We are not all part of the crapple cult you know. In fact the vast majority of us will be using Android. Kinda like the vast majority of us use PC’s. The future is NOT apple.

  • Thanks!

    Kelly – We are working on that – if you can repeat the error and figure out exactly how and when it crashes, send the report to [email protected] – thanks!

    Justin – Great one – we are on it for the update!

    Kim – we are building an Android version now… no worries! 🙂

  • Justin Reynolds

    Kim your full of your self. Thanks Trey, looking forward to the update,

  • I love using this app with the sample photos. However, when I try to view my library the preview window is black. If I click on the black area to select a photo it loads a black screen. Most of my library is in .jpg format.
    Do you have any suggestion on how I can resolve this?
    The app is of no use to me if I can’t view my photos.

    Thank you.

  • Damien Stenson

    Trey, will this app take raw files if I get them onto the Ipad via the camera connector kit?
    Looks great by the way

  • Thanks – well it has trouble dealing with HUGE RAW files, we are working on this.. but it is more a problem with the iPad’s memory then the app.

  • John good

    Hi trey,great app,but when I retrieve a photo from the libray I have to resize(no problem there) but your app crashes every time I try to save the photo back to the libray(it will let me save the sample photos though)I haven’t had this problem with any other apps! Any suggestions?

  • Jan

    Results look very nice in the app, but I get a crash every single time I try to save to library:( Hope you can fix it somehow with an update, because as it is now it unfortunately can not be uaed for anything….

  • That is strange ! No worries, there is an update in the works 🙂

  • William

    Keeps crashing on iPad 1. When saving and when emailing. Update coming?

  • Update coming… 🙁 Sorry mate – we’ve heard a tiny bit of this…

  • Jeff Lopes

    It TOTALLY does not work with iPad. You should be refunding me and others who paid our good money for an iPad app that works as described. This kinda breaks my heart because I am a big fan. However, I don’t need an iPad app that won’t save. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Not OK to say you’ve heard about it a lot. Just refund me and I will look again when you have a market-ready product.

  • You seem really upset- sorry about that – we are seeing this crash in 0.5% of cases — and we have a free fix coming.

    It’s easy to get a full refund, but I can’t do it… there is a way to do it through apple to get your $3. I’m sorry you are so upset about this, but there seems to be a memory issue with a small percentage of the ipads out there – the fix is coming

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  • Beverley Robertson

    I have an iPad 1 with many uploaded photos that are apparently too large for 100Cameras. The app crashes whenever I try to load a photo. I would happily work on a reduced-size image of my photo, but I cannot see an option for doing that. This is a shame because:
    1) this is a very cool app that I would LOVE to use on many of my photos, and
    2) other apps DO allow working on a reduced-size image (eg: TiltShift Generator for iPad allows you to specify the image size, such as 1200×1600, using its Settings button).
    Please advise as to how I can use this App. Thanks!

  • This is a great app except for three things: 1. There’s a glitch in it! Sad! I will finish editing a photo and go to save it, and the app will close without my picture being saved (this happens probably 50% of the time). So that makes me wary of working hard on a picture to get it just the way I like it. 2. This would be even better if I had the option to crop (or if that option is available, I’ve yet to figure out how to do it). I like the vignette feature, but I can’t use it unless the subject is direct center. 3. it would be great to have the option to screw around with the original picture. There are a few times I just wanted to up the contrast a bit but couldn’t unless I chose another photo effect first. But, then I run the risk of editing that effect to perfection only to have the app close 🙁

    BUT, all that aside, I like the simplicity of this app and it’s ease of sharing. I think if it had those two additional options it would be awesome! And hopefully you can get it updated soon so my beautiful pictures I treat with your app don’t go unsaved. Thanks!

  • Jan

    When is the new version coming? It sounds strange to me that this happens for only 0.5% of iPads due to a mempry error. Does that mean that something is wrong with my iPad?

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  • Josh


    Was about to purchase your iPad app, i think you need to revisit it as there is quite a lot of negative feedback regarding the app crashing.

    Do make it an update when all has been fixed.


  • Update has already been submitted – I think we have most of those fixed

  • Teresa

    Can you explain how to eliminate all except form one color, such as red, as you showed in your example? Thanks!

  • Yes – this will be a new video that included with the upcoming 1.1 update!

  • Greg

    Hi Trey, I have the iPad version. I can not open images from Gallery (the apple app). The library does not show this option. Apart from that – it is a fantastic app, Hope you can help. King regards, Greg.

  • Linda Kasenow

    I have been enjoying breathing new life into some of my old photos with your app for the phone. I have the iPad version but have a problem I have not seen mentioned anywhere (unless I missed it). When I add an effect or save a photo, it rotates it and mashes or stretches it to fit landscape or portrait–the opposite of the actual file. I am able to save but everything is contorted. Any suggestions? I have deleted and reinstalled the app but no luck. Thank you.

  • Linda Kasenow

    I don’t know if it helps, but if my photo is cropped to square before going into the app, the rotation over original does not happen. If the photo is landscape or portrait, then upon saving, it saves but rotates the image and I basically gat a double exposure save (with one of the exposures rotated 90 degrees). Thanks.

  • Tracy Burke

    First off, I love the app. One problem though, I need to change the original Flickr account that I set up to a new one and I can’t figure out how. Help please!

  • I’m a 100% disabled Vietnam Vwt. I am 62 years old. I have almost zero money. Photography is a big joy for me. I have your free demo app. Would it be possible to give me free access to the other filters? I’ll be happy to share my photos with you.

    Thank you, Sir,

    Robert D. Wilson
    [email protected],com

  • Erik Nelson

    I just downloaded the most recent update of the iPad app and I was wondering where the instagram function is?
    I’ve looked under every menu and restarted the app and iPad, still no luck.
    Otherwise great app!


    Ps I’m on an iPad 2 and yes I have an instagram account.

  • Jason Mojica

    THANK YOU LINDA KASENOW! I, too, am faced with the same problem. Every time I edit and save a portrait picture it always stretches and rotate the images to landscape in the most unflattering and completely warped way. Please fix this issue as it has been the best photo editing app on the go!

    Quick fix: editing and saving portrait pictures will result to the warped rotated image, guaranteed, but redo editing the same picture but this time press the rotate button prior to editing, which will not cause the picture to rotate during editing, and then edit the image to your liking and save. This prevents the image from warping and rotating after being saved for at least one image.

  • Pat Tinney

    Erik, I found Instgram under the save to instapaper button.

    However, every time I try to push a photo to Instagram it say ‘unable to open file’ in the Instagram app. I hope this will be addressed in the next update, as I primarily bought this because it was the first photo editing app to integrate with Instagram. Btw, I’m using an ipad2. Apart from that Great app!

  • Randy

    I’ve just purchased the iPad version and every picture I save is rotated -90 degrees and squished. Also, I do not use game center and have no desire to do so. Why then is a photography app asking me to login to game center every friggin time I start it up? I want to disable this but don’t see a way to do so. Also there is no link for support from within the app. So far the annoyances have outweighed the coolness.

  • Those are strange probs. I know if you cancel Gamecenter 3 times it goes away forever… As for the rotation – that is super duper strange let me ask the team

  • Barry

    I know it’s only 3 bucks, but it sure would be nice to start reading through these reviews without feeling like I may end up more as of a beta tester than a customer. I work with RAW in other apps & sure would like to know I’m not going to lose an edit by saving, stretching images, not being able to do one of the dimple basic edits, “cropping” and other issues I’ve read.

    What confidence can give that I’m not going to feel like a beta tester?

  • Barry – if you don’t like it you can just return it. Plus, we average 4.5 stars… and that is pretty crazy-good, yes?

  • Nan

    The app says it is installed but it’s not on my desktop. I paid for it how can I get it?

  • Mike

    I’d really buy it, if the iPad camera would be worth it 🙁

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  • Sandy

    Just bought the app and I love all the effects. All I need for it to be my only photography app is a CROP tool! this seems so simple… Any chance you could add this in a future version?


  • Terri Ahuero

    I absolutely love this app!!! Just what I was looking for.

  • Thx! Crop is on the drawing board! 🙂

  • Nice App but still very buggy! I am sorry to say it will be removed from my ‘pad if the crashing is not fixed!

  • Angie

    Hi, I just bought the iPad app. Is there a zoom function? I had initially tried the free version and there was indeed a zoom slider but I can’t find it anymore since I got the full version. Thanks!

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  • Tammy

    Love it, but hate the crashing! Help, please!!

  • Does this app work with RAW files?

  • It doesn’t work all the time with RAW files just because of memory problems — it depends on the size of the RAW file.

  • HT

    Use 100 camera in 1 apps on iPad1, and it crashed a lot esp. when I saved pixs. Any thoughts?

  • Abechtho

    Hey Trey – great app however the inability to upload large files is a bummer! Are you looking at any updates to fix thisnin the future? If not – what is the actual size limit the app will open and save?

  • Wil

    When will we be able to “share/send” fOtos directly to google+ from the 100 in 1 app?

    Thanks for your time,



    I know this may sound weird (especially for the post), but how do you get the unicorn achievement? It’s one of the last few I need lol.

  • Eric G.

    I have been using for a few months now but the constant crashing is killing my workflow.
    I have deleted from Ipad1 and reinstalled but the crashing still occurs when trying to save or
    adding effects. Please advise.


  • Craig Werden

    I bought the iPad app 100 and1 cameras work ok put CAN’T!!!! Load to Flickr very up setting

  • Elizabeth Langley

    I really like the app, I have been having fun with it and thought I was uploading awesomeness to my Flickr account. I had gone through the login business, I thought…tonight, I go to my Flickr account to create and name the gallery, and……nothing. When I go to the Options page and check the login button, I get a brief flash of Safari and then it flips back to the app. I’m using an iPad 1. Help!

  • Hi Craig, Elizabeth –

    It’s possible there might be an issue with the Flickr integration and the iPad 1. I’ll pass your comments on to the devs – in the meantime, have you tried removing and re-installing the app?

    Feel free to email me at support at stuckincustoms.

  • Bjorn

    This app (for iPad) looks really cool, innovative and useful. I love photography. An older review on the App Store advises that this app only accepts pictures 2MB or smaller. Is this true? I hope not, because I want to purchase.

  • Cdot

    Hi. Love your app and all the flexibility it has. My problem is when I go to save a picture I like it saves it in landscape format
    Not portrait and elongates the picture. Can you fix this

  • Cdot

    Adding to this, I read some other reviews and Randy #51 explained exactly what is happening to me. Try to save and 90 degree turn and elongates pic.

  • Like some others I am unable to upload to Flickr from my iPad. Whatever the cause, I would like to see this fixed since I really want this feature. Thanks.

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