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UPDATE: Switched to MailChimp

I loved Aweber, they served me well for many years. But our list got so big we were spending thousands of dollars whether we sent an email or not! So we did some research and found we could save a lot of money by switching to MailChimp. It’s a great service, has a very easy API and lots of other bells and whistles. Perhaps I’ll post a full review soon.

Newsletter Software

I started writing a newsletter here for Stuck In Customs and was looking around at some of the best options out there. After looking at several, and asking a variety of friends, I am sure the best one out there is AWeber. They gave me this little link below where you can try it for 30 days for free.

I Heart
Try it for 30 days free

I have a changing philosophy on newsletters. At first, I thought… well who needs a newsletter with all the other social media options nowadays? I wrongly assume that everyone just reads blogs, watch Twitter and Facebook, and all that stuff every day, but they don’t. Many people (including me!) still use email every day to look for information from trusted sources.

Also, frankly, emails are very easy to forward along to friends and family. This is still a very important part of social media.

Features of AWeber:

  • Idiot-proof.  This is a big one for me.
  • A smart system that keeps track of all email addresses, names, and all sorts of stats.
  • A bunch of pretty templates that you can use to make your newsletter look unique
  • Detailed stats that help you see what people clicked on in the newsletter (Did they like the review you did?  Did they like dive deeper to find out more about a subject?).  Anyway, it’s great… like a non-stop focus group to get feedback.

I don’t know if this is much of an endorsement, but I use it for the Stuck in Customs Newsletter.

The Stuck in Customs Newsletter<

  • Shannon Frost

    Looking forward to the newsletter.

  • Michael


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  • warren bunch

    hey happy holidays, i junked your latest newsletter and can not get it back. could you send me another, please warren

  • Great site!!! Bookmarked.

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  • I have just recently discovered HDR, and am hooked. I am always interested on tips and tricks for post processing HRD shots.

  • I will give this one a shot

  • anyone tried it to give us some feedback?

  • Andres G

    love the site

  • Moses de los Santos

    I will definitely looking into this further.

    Thanks, btw, I am committed to learning and mastering HDR. I just got a D3 with a 14-24m and 50mm lens.

    Wow, I have a lot of exciting shooting to do!


  • I’m also a new HDR junkie. I’ve watched my images go from “okay” to “I can’t believe *I* did that!” I love this site because it has lots of stuff! I’ve bought a couple of software packages before I found this site, and am happy to see that my purchases were good ones. BTW, I can second your endorsement of AWeber. After trying several mailing services, they are the best for my needs.

  • how do I sign up for your newsletter?

  • just found the spot it helps if i look for it

  • Steve Weavil

    Please include me on your newsletter list…

    Thanks, Steve

  • Jeanne

    Thanks, looking forward to it.

  • gorgeous photograph!

  • David Bonillo

    I love to see and learn more about how you do the videos.

  • numbuh9

    very curious. The pictures you have online are amazing. Ive never heard of this before till i heard you today on the radio show.

  • Just stumbled on to HDR…anxious to get really invlved!

  • Firna Kim

    Is aweber a full email newsletter marketing software? Can customer subscribe first before we send them the newsletter?

  • Yes, aweber is a full service, and a fairly powerful one. You can manage multiple lists through it, and they have a verification process when people sign up, and a good interface.

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