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  • On average, the photos get 175,000 views per day
  • Audience grows 17% by quarter
  • Fun Fact 1:  80% have a resolution at least 1280×800
  • Fun Fact 2: 98% have high-speed broadband


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  • Michele


    The link to Bill Erickson’s website isn’t working because there’s a semi-colon instead of a colon after the http.

    cheers (and you can delete this comment!)

  • Correct ! My bad…

  • Great work guys!!!!

    I love it!

  • Hi Folks,
    Love your site. Note: from your homepage, when I click on “10 HDR Processing Mistakes” I land here instead: http://www.stuckincustoms.com/prints/

  • Thanks!

    Hmm – let me see if I can find and fix that!

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  • Neil

    I get a 500 error (internal server error) when I click on the Photomatix link on the tutorial page. This error appears to be coming from the http://www.stuckincustoms.com/links/Photomatix page.

  • Andrea Boyle

    To whom do I direct a problem I’ve suddenly started having with your site? Seems like I can’t view it without scrolling continually left & right to read the text. It just started happening… I tried contacting the “site contacts” above, but there is not a link on their respective sites for such issues. Many thanks. I love your website and check it daily!

  • Andrea Boyle

    Many thanks to your staff who contacted me about the problem above. About 2 minutes before I decided to e-mail a snapshot of the problem, I had the idea to turn on my laptop and see if the problem was the same there. It wasn’t as bad. For some reason I went back to my desktop and remembered that I’d recently had my monitor calibrated by my photo instructor, as well as had a private lesson on CS5. Remembering that we had scrolled in and out of pictures, I tried “control minus” on your web site and sure enough, my problem was fixed. I feel like an idiot, but learned something of value! (and, I’m sure that’s the meaning of life…) Thought I’d pass it along…

  • David Lyerla

    With RED about to put out a video camera that can do HDR while shooting, when do you think the still cameras will follow suit?

  • bought download product this morning. can’t get into clubhouse. Asks for username. if i was assigned a name, I don’t know what it is. Please help. Thanks Larry

  • Hey Larry – no problem -I have contacted support on your behalf and they will get back with you soon 🙂 You simply have to register, and then you will be approved shortly.

  • Eric McVicker

    Hi Trey,

    Just two good questions please. What do you think of NIK HDR? Is it the best at HDRing? Thinking of getting it.

    Many Thanks

    11th July 2011

  • Harbles

    I may be blind but I cannot see the link to your Stuck in customs You Tube page. http://www.youtube.com/user/stuckincustoms or any of your social media pages. An oversight or part of your master plan?

  • Harbles

    Oops missed the floating tweet tab on the left but you need the ‘Tube and G plus up there too.

  • sivaperumal

    This is very good job

  • This is a fantastic idea and website, I may be interested in some of your pictures and will link to you for same. Also the YouTube video is very interesting, but I have to get back to my work, will definitely bookkmark your site for future inspection!

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  • Stephan Banakas

    Purchased and downloaded the $97 tutorial package. Went through the first lesson okay but cannot open the homework photos. I’ve been looking for a help link or telephone number but can’t find anything. Please help.

  • Stephan,

    Please email me details at support at stuckincustoms.com, and I’ll help you out.



  • Irene Zamyatkin

    Gorgeous photos. I would like to look at them and enjoy the beauty of landscapes and ocean. http://rulove24.com

  • George

    Dear Sir…tried ordering your online courses, but when I get to the checkout….I get the following message “We’re sorry, but you can’t resubmit your Bill Me Later application. To continue with your purchase, click Pay with Debit or Credit Card below.” well I didn’t press that button, but the pay with credit button….did this twice and no luck….need your help

  • George,

    Please get in touch with me with as many details as you can provide at [email protected].

  • Jessica Pompei

    Was looking for a home for my pictures of Burning Man first year at Black Rock. Any suggestions?

  • Where is SIC Media, LLC registered? USA? New Zealand?

  • You’d have to ask Curtis and the team for all that info! 🙂

  • Not sure! Will see! 🙂

  • Charles Irwin

    Does this s/w handle motion, and ghosting? Fondest regards, Chuck

  • Kenn Wylchi Santos

    Hey Trey! Just wondering how you seamlessly integrate SmugMug with your blog posts? Was hoping to do a similar thing. Cheers!

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