Getting through border security at LAX

This was one of my most popular and controversial Facebook Lives of recent past. I didn’t mean for it to be so nutty, but, well, have a watch/listen and maybe you’ll see!

  • susan ratcliff

    funny video! yes traveling within the US is even terrible -remember when Scarlet was just a few months old? They patted her down in security! Tina & I were appalled! 🙂

  • Just Will

    New site name:

  • I am very concerned about the security situation at Lax. You can update information regularly so people know. Thank you!

  • Political turmoil will harm people. The security situation should be ensured for the people to live in peace. Update more information so that people have more insight.

  • Simon Patterson

    It’s the stereotypical Soviet Russia treatment we used to hear about in the 70’s and 80’s! I don’t know if the Soviets actually did that but it’s what we heard.

    But now it’s real and normal, and it’s the USA!

    After hearing too many stories like this, I certainly won’t be travelling there.

  • Simon Patterson

    That is terrible!

    We were planning to travel across the US a few years ago, but the US dollar suddenly increased in value and it became less affordable. So we travelled across New Zealand instead. What a lucky break for us – we certainly dodged a bullet from all accounts!

  • Simon Patterson

    Trey, did the officers actually use the word “interrogation” for what they were about to perform on you? It seems like the most emotive and threatening word possible for an interview with security!

  • The word ‘WHY’ is the most important word there is Trey. So I was thinking about why you were picked out for such treatment. At first I thought you might be wearing that warlock coat, but I guess it was too warm for that. Perhaps it was because you were wearing one of those amazingly zany tops from the Stuck In Customs store. Finally I concluded it was a random interrogation and you were receiving your due for being first off the plane. Perhaps Business Class might be a safer option into the future. Strange, as I would have thought the cost of a first class ticket would have scored you the kind of cloud Monkey flew, on occasions, on his journey from India to Japan.

  • Cal Mukumoto

    Every time I go across the border I either get pulled into the interrogation room or my luggage gets pull apart. They have resorted to asking me to spell my high school name, my home town name, etc. The longest time I was interrogated was 3 hrs. I use to think I am pulled out of line because my hair is black, now I know it is the camera! Thanks, Trey.

  • Khanh Nguyen

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