New to Luminar – Accent AI Filter

Hey there’s some new Mac software you should try – it has this ONE awesome “AI Slider” – too easy! This is the latest iteration of Luminar, so it has all the other nifty sliders if you want to get down in the details. Grab it now at the Skylum Site.

I was with the engineering team in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, and Dima was geeking out about this feature… he showed me and now I know why! We worked with Skylum closely on Aurora (which yes, is coming to Windows) – so I know how passionate these guys are about great photo editing software. Anyway, if you’re a busy or casual photographer, having this new, simple AI slider is pretty ingenious. Hope you love it! 🙂

Here’ a quick broadcast from my desktop to show you how to use the AI Slider.

  • Rene Abela

    I have Installed luminar as a plugin for Lightroom 6 Works great but everyone says that when you press APPLY after processing the image will go back to lightroom. Well not on mine! it goes back to the file from which lightroom image is extracted. Can someone please indicate what I am doing wrong ?

  • Stu – SIC

    Hey Rene, thats probably a question for the Skylum team:

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