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Day 21 – A visit to the amazing Qatar and Doha

Qatar was a tough place for us, with the Ratcliff Family hitting an all-time low. I was pretty sick, and actually still am while editing this together on the 6-hour flight to Rome. Ethan was quite sick and spent over 24 hours in bed eating soup and smelling like old soup. He’s a bit better now, so that is good… my cough and runny nose lingers like the memory of mounting a camel. That sounds bad…

We started out with a morning desert safari that included some awkward moments on both camels and trucks. The dunes here were, even more, extreme than Oman, so the girls were, at least, ready for it. You can see more in the video for sure. Tina sure was screaming when she got on that camel… all of them were. Ethan had quite a grumpy camel, which did nothing to help his mood.

And then we had an incredible cooking class from an amazing chef at our hotel at The Ritz-Carlton Sharq Village named Evangelos Liakouris. He was like a Greek Vic Gundotra that can cook. It was over two hours long and the girls went nuts, especially with the “Deconstructed Black Forest Cake.” From there, we went to another epic dinner at the other Ritz-Carlton in Doha at an Italian restaurant called Porcini where the kids got to make some pizzas. Once again, another day of non-stop eating!

The city of Doha glistens in wild colors at night. Most of the buildings cycle through various LED color states.

It’s a huge city and Tina was surprised at the size of a city she had never heard of before a few months ago.

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Here’s an incredible restaurant we found in the souq called Parisa.

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The last call to prayer for the evening at a mosque.

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Photogenic camels in the desert.

Here’s one of the three pools from the Sharq Village that had no sharks, thank goodness.

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A gentleman at the camp were we got the camels.

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The family gets their first feel for how strange it is to get on a camel for a ride.

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I join them, but have great trouble holding both the Osmo and the camel.

This is a place the falcons, the National Bird of Qatar, would come and perch.

A beautiful amphiteatre at night.

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Intense dune-bashing!.

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Two ladies go in a different entrance on the left.

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After the dune bashing it was time for dune-sliding!.

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I hope this captures the massive size of the dunes that we slid down then climbed up.

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Here we are on the border of Saudi Arabia, which was about half a kilometer away at one point.

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Scarlett walks through a portal to explore the sea on the other side.

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The family with another camel friend.

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Isabella loves all animals, and she came to visit Jamilla here at the Sharq Village about seven times!.

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A pair of Muslim women walk home for the evening across the entrance to The Pearl.

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The beginning of an amazing 2-hour cooking class.


Daily Photo – Artificial Islands keep growing out into the sea as Doha expands to every horizon.

Artificial Islands keep growing out into the sea as Doha expands to every horizon.

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  • Exposure ProgramAperture-priority AE
  • Exposure Bias-1.3

  • susan ratcliff

    Wow! fantastic photos! What a wonderful family trip! The girls may turn out to be chefs! 🙂

  • Thanks — yeah they love cooking! 🙂

  • Sahana

    Beautiful photos as always! 🙂 I invariably end up having favourites, the one of Isabella and Jamilla – so very adorable!! All of you in dressed chef costumes with that very intent look of concentration on Scarlett’s face, lovely.

  • This is awesome, Trey. Looks like you had fun. I recently started working for Carnegie Mellon University in my hometown of Pittsburgh (you may or may not have heard of the University). CMU has a new campus in Doha and it’s on my bucket list to get out there to do some photography.

  • I do know that university! In fact, this is one of my favorite lines I use when I walk up to a group of strangers. “Am I the ONLY one here that didn’t go to Carnegie Mellon?”

  • Thanks @disqus_4Jd1zF0w9f:disqus ! 🙂

  • That is awesome! It’s a great University. Well, whenever you travel back to the U.S in the future, you should consider coming to Pittsburgh. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I’d be willing to bet you’d get some really awesome scenes. And, I’d be happy to show you best secret spots for photography!

  • Looks like everyone is having so much fun. The family on the camels is awesome.

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