The View from Tiananmen Square

John Oliver – Tiananmen Square

Here’s a funny video about what is happening in China now around the Tiananmen Square issue… (I could not embed it for some reason)

Daily Photo – The View from Tiananmen Square

Two military police stand guard in the square here, with the photo of Chairman Mao in the background.

What I find very amazing every time I go back to Beijing (I've been six times now) is how young people there are really into Chairman Mao, talking about how awesome he was. This most recent time, my hosts saddled me with this 28 year old Chinese female assistant. She was annoying in many ways (in fact, most ways) — all she did was talk about how important it was to get married and how happy she would be if that happened. It was non-stop. But, anyway, she kept talking about how wonderful Mao was. I said, “Uhhh, you know he's kind of in the big three, right, along with Stalin and Hitler?” She just waved her hand and started talking about how happy she will be once she gets married.

The View from Tiananmen Square

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  • D’Arcy

    Unfortunately that pro-Mao stance isn’t limited to China. Here in Canada I have heard that sentiment echoed on many occasions from the left-leaning academics that I know. I’m angry and floored every time that I hear it, and from those who ought to be educated enough to know better. Shame on them!

  • susan ratcliff

    Wonderful photo Trey 🙂

  • treyratcliff


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