Kayaks Along Lake Wakatipu

Your Irrational Fear?

Do you share my strange fear below? Do you have an equally strange one of your own you just can’t shake? Hehe… strange question, I know… I was just wondering if I was alone in this… !

Daily Photo – Kayaks Along Lake Wakatipu

I’ve never taken a kayak out onto that lake. I’m not much of a kayaker, but also, I’m not a big fan of deep bodies of water. Actually, I will just go all the way from “not a big fan” to “outright afraid”. You never know what kind of nonsense is happening underneath you, you know? I don’t like swimming to being in a little boat on top of deep water. I don’t mind being in a big, sea-worthy boat. That’s fine. But swimming and being in a little boat… that’s not for me. This is strange, because I know it’s irrational. And I don’t really have any other irrational fears… but I can’t figure out a way to get around this one (nor do I see the need to do so, which is probably part of the problem itself).

Kayaks Along Lake Wakatipu

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  • Are you familiar with that road to Kingston (a section of it is called ‘the devil’s staircase’), Story has it that a couple of horse and cart’s disappeared off the road into Lake Wakatipu and into history!!!

  • Peter Scrimshaw

    With you all the way on that fear Trey, but it is pretty irrational when you think that falling the same distance from a height would be far more dangerous! Think I’m OK when I can see the bottom, so yes it must be to do with not knowing what could be there, sort of a control issue maybe?

  • Beautiful photo, Trey!! My greatest fear if that of drowning!! So I’m sort of in the same boat, no pun intended, lol. Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!!

  • susan ratcliff

    This is a wonderful photo Trey – love the colors and beautiful water! 🙂

  • Cat Bend

    Trey, you just need to think of a reason to paddle somewhere. There are many photo ops that are difficult to reach any other way. Besides, paddling is fun and you can see some amazing wildlife! Start off on small water and get comfortable with the sensation of floating, and then venture out into deeper water. Stay close to shore at first. It also helps to go out in a 2-person kayak or canoe (my preference because it is more stable, easier to access camera gear, and more sociable). Do heights bother you, too? They do me.

  • Adam Yurkunas

    This comment stream made me think of a line from Will Smith in the preview for his new movie. Talking to his son and telling him something along the lines of fear is not real and is something your mind controls.
    That being said, I don’t think your fear is at all irrationa, everyone has a fear of something. Mine is snakes, even if I know it’s completely harmless they freak me out nearly to the point of paralyzation. This fear was certainly exaggerated when our platoon was chased down a dried up river bed in an Okinawan jungle, I’ll never forget that day!

  • Mandy Jones

    I don’t like heights – at all! I went snorkelling in the sea and everything was fine until the bottom just dropped away really sharply and it became very deep….. I couldn’t cope it was like looking off of a cliff? It didn’t make any sense because I knew I couldn’t fall as I was floating!!!!

  • Well, the water in New Zealand is a little cold anyway. But you never know, you might like it. Dive in!

  • Trey after decades of lake swimming and kayaking, you now have ME worried! Don’t worry, what is below us on a lake (and we can’t see!), does not want ANYthing to do with us! Russ

  • Casper van Zyl

    You should not feel afraid as there is only a monster down there and will only eat you if he is hungry or learn to walk on water like some Majians do

  • Casper van Zyl

    Bad spelling,hit wrong button before i could correct

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks for the feedback ! Interesting to read what you said ! 🙂

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Maybe I do need a reason to paddle somewhere ! 🙂 But no, not afraid of heights

  • Melody Migas

    Lovely photo.
    Muskie, shark, octopus, Nessie… not irrational. There might be something big down there that will bite.

  • Dee

    What a pretty location. Lovely picture.


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