Hijinks in the Golden Fields

Getting tired of New Zealand shots?

Oh my gosh I bet you are… I realized today that I am posting so many. Usually I process and post photos out of order, but I’ve been taking SO MANY photos of my new homeland… and I get excited… and want to share them… anyway, I’m not sure how long this trend will continue, but I’ll do my best to mix it up a bit!

Daily Photo – Hijinks in the Golden Fields

And here we are a day before the workshop in New Zealand began, goofing off in the fields along the lakes and mountains of New Zealand. That’s Karen Hutton there taking a photo of Curtis Simmons. It’s very meta and all that. You can also see my new truck there on the right. It’s a Volkswagen Amorak. Who’s ever heard of that? Not me! I didn’t even know Volkswagen made trucks till I moved here. Everything here has a different name… it’s kind of like a parallel universe when it comes to cars. The focus of this paragraph has shifted.

Hijinks in the Golden Fields

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  • Either Volkswagen doesn’t know how to make trucks or you used a wide angle lens there 😛

    That’s a very nice view you have there!

  • Martin Tyler

    I don’t think anyone is getting bored of NZ shots Trey!

  • I think this time the text is on par with the picture! 😀

  • Paul Serfontein

    They’re called Amaroks here in South Africa. I’ll be interested to know if your Amorak is a typo or if VW actually has regional names for trucks! Go with the flow on NZ pics – there is a season for all things and this one is very pleasant.

  • Bill J

    I’m most definitely NOT getting bored with the New Zealand shots! Your pictures have made me want to visit NZ some day.

  • I for one love all the pictures of NZ. Perhaps you could start a separate blog for NZ bigs and life there. I’d read it every day!

  • Casper van Zyl

    You should have a canopy fitted to secure your goods. As they say here in Ausie they will go walk abouts.

  • JanMazmanian

    Keep the NZ pictures coming. I will be there next March and want to know the subjects and locations for shots.

  • Beautiful photo of the Hijinks, lol. Keep the NZ photos coming, you can’t post to many!! Have a great Friday!!

  • susan ratcliff

    I never get tired of NZ shots either – such a beautiful place and know it’s perfect for you and the family! 🙂

  • Chris Newham

    Keep the NZ shots coming I love them and the stories you share with the shots.
    I’m coming to NZ end of April next year, its been top of my bucket list for years and your photos have given me the final push I needed to make it happen. Thanks.

  • Dee

    I like how the photographer captured the photo of a photographer taking a photo of a photographer! Wow, that was a tongue-twister!

    And can never get bored of your photos and New Zealand, so please keep them coming 🙂


  • Kenji Kwok

    HI there Trey, would this be a handheld HDR or just a single exposure through Lightroom? I would suppose this is a single exposure and processed through Lightroom alone?

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Hey thanks! 🙂

  • Great shot! I spent a couple weeks in NZ a while back and it’s one of the most photogenic countries I’ve visited so far. Everywhere you turn is mountain passes, reflective lakes or splendid coastline. You captured a great one here. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love this shot, but I have one quirk with it, I was wondering why didn’t you drag a gradient back over the mountain to bring back the actual colour of the mountain? @google-c1ec23de8292d904dc213eba8bf1d17d:disqus

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