Hijinks in the Golden Fields

Getting tired of New Zealand shots?

Oh my gosh I bet you are… I realized today that I am posting so many. Usually I process and post photos out of order, but I’ve been taking SO MANY photos of my new homeland… and I get excited… and want to share them… anyway, I’m not sure how long this trend will continue, but I’ll do my best to mix it up a bit!

Daily Photo – Hijinks in the Golden Fields

And here we are a day before the workshop in New Zealand began, goofing off in the fields along the lakes and mountains of New Zealand. That’s Karen Hutton there taking a photo of Curtis Simmons. It’s very meta and all that. You can also see my new truck there on the right. It’s a Volkswagen Amorak. Who’s ever heard of that? Not me! I didn’t even know Volkswagen made trucks till I moved here. Everything here has a different name… it’s kind of like a parallel universe when it comes to cars. The focus of this paragraph has shifted.

Hijinks in the Golden Fields

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