Forest on the road to Paradise

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This week, I’m at SXSW in Austin, so it’s a bit harder for me to respond to comments on the blog. But, I still read THEM ALL. So, have no fear… when it comes to feedback and reading what you have to say, the blog is always my first stop! 🙂 And yes, I will always try to respond as much as humanly possible… thanks! 🙂

Daily Photo – Forest on the road to Paradise

When you leave Glenorchy and start driving on the dirt road to Paradise, there are a few little wet forested areas that you’ll pass through. It’s worth pulling over your car and just going on a random walk. I recommend following a stream or river so you can always find your way back. Because if you get more than 100 meters from your car and you lose your way, you’ll never find your way again! The heaviness and thickness of the forest is totally confusing, and you’ll be hopelessly confused… but following a little stream is usually a good ticket to find your way back.

Forest on the road to Paradise

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  • John Foster

    nice shot, forest shots are harder than they look – to make interesting

  • Great photo, looks like a good place for some hiking. Can’t wait for it to get warm here and be able to get back to exploring the outdoors.

  • susan ratcliff

    Lovely forest – I can pick out a spot for a picnic! 🙂

  • Casper van Zyl

    Not your usual take but you did a great job,love it.

  • rjllane

    You have captured the magic and atmosphere of this spot so beautifully. Love the vignette – strong, but suits the lighting. A little piece of Middle Earth. (P.S. I had to look up in Google where you were driving – Glenorchy and Paradise, … NZ ! Then it made sense. Didn’t seem right for any place near Austin ☺)

  • Love this photo. I have been trying to get a successful shot of a forest. no luck You make it seem easy. Good job!

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thank you ! 🙂

  • Aslan Resimler

    As usual I find your pictures gorgeous and inspiring BUT I feel bothered today by those adds appearing on the top and the top right of your website.
    I feel they are in line with your “Why” (Simon Sinek, golden circles definition).

  • I don’t see any ad’s. on the site. Sure you are loading this page directly from and not through another site?

  • susan ratcliff

    You know, it’s funny but I shop a lot at Chico’s and now there is an ad for them on the top right hand side on stuck – odd!

  • There are ads on the site, but I use Adblock Plus, so they don’t show…

  • Maybe because I use Google Chrome none of the Ads show up. Since I never see them on this site.

  • I use Chrome too, but with Adblock Plus turned off, I do see the ads…

    Patrick Ahles

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