Why I stopped using FaceBook Events

Why I stopped using FaceBook Events

Facebook events seem to pale in comparison to Google+ events. I’ve planned countless events in both, and the Google+ events have better results.

For example, if you look at the upcoming Austin SXSW Photowalk event in Google+, we have well over 500 people RSVP’d for the event. Compare this to the PhotoWalk I put as an event in Facebook for Paris (a much bigger city) a few months ago where a very lame 19 people RSVP’d. I mean, the people weren’t lame. The number is.

Now, I have 430,000 subscribers on FB compared to over 4.5 million Google+. So that is could be part of it, but I don’t think so. I know that a bunch of those 430,000 subscribers from Facebook LIVE in New York City (at least more than 19) and would have liked to be informed of the event, but I doubt they even knew it was going on if it wasn’t for Google+.

The only time I got any traction on a Facebook event is when I posted a link to the FB event to my 4.6 million Pinterest followers. As soon as I did that, a bunch of people signed up. I’m sure there is a big overlap in Pinterest and Facebook users, but none of those Facebook people would have found out about it unless I posted it on Pinterest!

There a few other x-factors in Google+. One is that it is integrated with the whole Google email and search world. So, if people use Gmail (who doesn’t???) or do a search in Google (who doesn’t???) then it is easy to find events that are happening near you and get invites from your friends. There is much less friction to sharing an event.

And Facebook search is horrible! It took me forever even to find my previous event. I did a search for “Paris Photowalk” and mine did not appear — another one appeared. Plus, I know there have been many many photowalks in Paris, and only a random one appeared.

The recent PhotoWalk Event in Melbourne is a good example of how vibrant and alive the event system is with Google+. It’s growing and growing as they add more features, and it is certainly the most “fun” place to share photos during and after the event.

Another X-factor in the Google+ events is the live sharing of photos. If you’re at an event with Android and have “Party Mode” toggled on temporarily, then all the photos you take automatically upload to the event page so you can watch it live from many different perspectives. I think this will be a fun way for everyone to interact with our SXSW PhotoWalk in Austin even if they can’t be there with us.

There is one little bug with G+ events. Whenever I +mention people or pages, it loses the hyperlink whenever I have to edit the event. That bit is annoying… so hoping they fix that soon.

Anyway, if you are putting events in both places, what are your thoughts? Or, if you are JUST putting them on Facebook, have you noticed them being less effective? It’s possible that maybe only the Facebook event was being shared with my friends and not subscribers. It’s a black box and I have no idea what is going on… but I do see the results… and event after event gets better response and engagement through Google+.

Another Indoor Situation

Since I’ve run about 25,000 photos through Photomatix, I’ve gotten to know the software pretty well! 🙂 One thing I have noticed for sure is that these kind of situations are where Photomatix really shines. You can take the result of Photomatix from these indoor, shiny situations to the bank. What comes out of photomatix needs very little adjustment.

The Photomatix Review here on the site shows more about this tool in case you’ve never tried it before! Also, if you use a Mac to edit your photos, check out Aurora HDR Pro! I worked with Macphun for over a year to build the ultimate HDR software!

Daily Photo – Across the Floors of Union Station

This room is closed to photography for some reason! Actually, it’s totally closed to all human traffic. I’m not sure if this was a one-time thing, but I got the feeling it was because the ropes and whatnot that told me not to go in here seemed like they had been there for a while. You know the feeling. Perhaps they only open it for the rare events…

But I went through the silly ropes and took a photo anyway. The security guard came to get me, but he was pretty nice about it. I just told him that the ropes confused me and I figured they must surely be a mistake.

Across the Floors of Union Station

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  • Beautiful shot of my favorite spot in Union Station. The details and the shine look great! This area is indeed sealed off to the public. But they do rent it out for wedding receptions and the like. This is the original ticketing area for the station, so if not hosting events, it’s almost like it’s a museum piece. And security is indeed nice there.

  • Casper van Zyl

    Facebook i have never been keen of from the start,Photomatix still have the 3.2.7 version which I’m happy with, all things now days it’s about affordability. Light-room I find a little over my head so I stick to Aperture and iphoto which makes me happy. I don’t print any Photos just send them to friends and post them on Google plus. As much as my love for Photography is and have done it for about 30 years on and off it still come to affordability. We all every now and then, have to pull the pin so to say as you have responsibilities to family, bills to pay and so forth. Would love to buy all these gadgets and things and all soft ware but not all learn how to operate them so it becomes a waste or you have to then pay for classes to know how to use them. Hobbyists will always be around but only a few make the grade of pros, same with Doctors, Lawyers and so forth. Since I have been on Googles its amazing how many are out there pushing for money and to join this and that and donations. We seem to be chasing the buck to make a living. Roll on Armageddon my worst scenario would be in the new system of things that i can swap my tomatoes for your potatoes and not worry what the next day may bring. Does not mean I do not enjoy everyones work out there it just some times get very over powering. Thanks for sharing this photo of the old Station

  • Josh Burghandy

    I like G+, but I wish they had higher-res photos.

  • susan ratcliff

    Awesome shot – you little devil! I cracked up when I saw those pj’s on fb – yes, I find it odd that whenever I look at anything to purchase online – when I go to fb it’s on the ad things on the side – kind of intrusive I think! 🙂

  • Hey! That’s my event 🙂

    I didn’t even consider creating a G+ event. Having said that, Neither HDR One, nor I have a large following on G+ so it may not have made a big difference.

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Hehe funny! 🙂

  • Beautiful photo, Trey!! It all sounds confusing to me. I do belong to google+, but not pinterest. Not sure what that’s all about. Have a great Monday!!

  • Stanislav Nevyhosteny

    Nice mind trick with the guard! Are you by any chance a Jedi? 😉 Beautiful shot..definatelly worth going through some ropes!

  • Jeremy Albelda


  • Trey, FB events should be “public” when you make them, that’s the easiest way to make sure everyone you want to will see it. I guess I just disagree with your idea of a good photowalk. If I showed up to go on a shoot with you and 500 other people were there I’d leave because that would be a worthless experience. A group of 19 would be the one to go to because I’m interested in getting some actual interaction, not just being a random face in a gigantic crowd. Maybe I misunderstand what your photowalks are about but I’d be looking for some facetime and some pointers, not crowding in and hoping everyone shuts up for a minute so I can hear what you’re saying. I can’t even imagine the forest of tripods… Anyhoo, happy picture taking. =)

  • Andrea Boyle

    Ha ha! Still laughing over that one! Great photo, by the way. And I’ve noticed that Photomatix is just getting better. I’ve had to upgrade a couple of times recently and the latest version is much different than what I started with.

  • Preston Bowman

    I’ve never been a big fan of Facebook, I’ve gotten better responses on both G+ and Twitter.

  • Stunning shot, Trey! The floor looks like it is covered with a thin film of water, the reflection is awesome!

  • Nice shot. I’ve been meaning to cruise over to that Union Station. i’ve seen lots of amazing photos from there.

  • Finding events on Facebook is hard, so we changed it. HUGECITY put all of the public Facebook events on a map so you can find them. We don’t have too many users in Paris yet but here is your event. https://www.hugecity.us/events/1491587 Check out Paris or any American city over the weekend to see lots of events. Thanks for the post.

  • As a DJ and event organiser, I use Facebook primarily because infinitely more of my target audience are on there. However, the way they handle events has gone from a useful tool to something they almost seem ashamed of and try to hide. Invitations are not obvious, events are hidden away and many times I hear “Wow, why didn’t you put it on Facebook”. I can understand that with a more focussed audience such as yours G+ may be a much better option!

  • Jules Tacoma

    Trey, interesting article and interesting how facebook has evolved over the years when it comes to events and event invitations. I too have found it frustrating to send invitations via facebook events and have altogether decided to stop using facebook. I have not ventured into Google plus, but I’m sure it is a great alternative. However, I have found an app called Planchat, which allows you to share events with your app user, which in turn allows them to share events with each other. This eliminates the promoter style way of spamming and cluttering a clienteles inbox. Interesting avenue to go, but i have found it useful. (website is Planchat.com if you are interested in checking them out).

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