The Ghost Ship in Long Beach

Carrying a tripod?

Have you added a tripod to your camera-carrying situation? Once you make the jump… you kind of make the jump and that is it. You kind of just accept that a tripod is part of your gear, and that makes it easier. I wondered if there’s many of you that used to never (or occasionally) carry a tripod — and now you almost always have a tripod?

Daily Photo – The Ghost Ship in Long Beach

The Queen Mary ghost-tour is a must! It’s a great way to see the whole ship while having a cool story wrapped around it. Even better, you can set up for photos and bring a tripod! Some of these places are soooo dark and creepy that there is no way to get a good photo without a tripod.

The old pool still had sort of a blueish glow that fought against the orange glow from the lights above. Both together were quite surreal!

The Ghost Ship in Long Beach

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