Somewhere along the coast

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Daily Photo – Somewhere along the coast

Can someone help me identify this spot? I’m so embarrassed that I have no memory of this. Usually I tag my photos with the location, but this one is completely unknown! I know it was somewhere here in New Zealand, and I took it back in 2010 during my first road trip across the whole country… but it could be anywhere!

Somewhere along the coast

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  • Casper van Zyl

    Sorry cannot help-never been there -wish I had though !

  • susan ratcliff

    pretty! – I am not sure and don’t remember this one – it even looks like the coast near me in CA! 🙂

  • David Damen
  • John Foster

    I would guess at four places in the south island, near the Catlins on the coast south of Dunedin, on the West Coast, either near Punakaiki on near Knights Point or lastly near Kaikoura.

  • Chris Gregory

    Hi Trey, My guess is that the image was taken along the coast road heading north from Westport to Punakaiki. I have just reviewed my own images taken in Feb 2011 and the coast looks very similar. Regards, Chris G (NZ)

  • Saco Bijl

    Chris is right. Look up Meybille Bay, New Zealand and you will see in some of the pictures the same landmarks when looking north. Was there 5 years ago this month. Loved NZ

  • Beautiful photo, Trey. I hope some of your followers will tell you where it is. Have a great Fat Tuesday 😉

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thank you! You guys are smart… ! 🙂

  • Lynnette Ross

    Given the position of the sunlight and the misty landscape . . . it looks like the West Coast of the South Island, north of Greymouth as if heading up the coast towards Westport.

  • Tom O’Neill

    If it wasn’t so green and lush it could be mistaken for Big Sur, California!

  • Gary McLaren

    I was on the road between Greymouth and Punakaiki a couple of ago and it looked very much like this. The steepness of the hills on the right as we drove North and the mist coming up like that from the rough Tasman Sea.

  • BlueRose .

    I dont think its kaikoura, there is too much growth below the road, its usually just rocks and sea cos the sea is so harsh. The hills look like the Catlins but the road doesnt go that close to the coast, its further inland (was there at Xmas) so I vote for somewhere on the West Coast

  • I’ve taken a shot from almost the same spot!

    It’s a little North of Punakaiki on the West Coast of South Island – the Viewpoint there is called Irimahuwhero Lookout and the map ref is 171.21.18 E and 42.4.34 S if you want to see it on Google Earth. 😉

  • As an ex NZ West Coaster, Chris, Saco are correct, its just north of Punakaiki as you finish winding your way down the hills. Meybille Bay is this side of the pointy rock and Hatters bay is on the far side. So looking at Trey’s picture, it seems to capture both bays! (Westport is to the North from here)

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