Reflections in Yosemite

Stuck On Earth Android Development Begin

In this video below, Robert Scoble got an early look at the Stuck On Earth ( Free! ) when it launched. The Good news is that we’ve finally begun development on the Android version. Many of you know that I’m an avid Android user and I love my Nexus phone and Nexus tablet! 🙂

I’m soooo excited about the Android version. When will it be done? When it’s done!

Daily Photo – Reflections in Yosemite

I’m currently with Karen Hutton and many other people in New Zealand. One of my previous trips with Karen was to this very place! We jumped around mud bank after mud bank until we found a clean reflection. It was quite cold… I think we were both thinking of getting back inside for something warm to drink!

Reflections in Yosemite

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  • susan ratcliff

    Beautiful reflection – perfect! Hope everyone is having fun in NZ – looks wonderful and like the weather has been super good! 🙂

  • Casper van Zyl

    Wow !!,a great shot Trey once again,this what brings me me here all the time as i truly enjoy the art of photography. Been looking at some of the other Guys out there with over 1,700 hits and it truly makes me feel like a novices novice but that gives me even more reason to continue to get ideas to improve as old as I may get. I may never get there but what a wonderful way to see what God has created for all to enjoy and allowing others to be used as tools to bring to those who will never be able see and enjoy other wise.
    For those who are up North in USA please take care and stay warm and indoors from the snow,and here in Perth do like-wise we we are having a heat wave 42 degrees on Sunday, God Bless.

  • Beautiful photo, Trey. I love how everything is reflected in the water!! Great job. Have a wonderful Saturday!!

  • Trey: Yet another GREAT! photograph… Russ Here’s one I took in Yosemite a few years back:

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