A moody evening at the Great Wall

Selling Cans of Fresh Air in China

Related to today’s post, I saw that some people have taken to selling cans of fresh air! Remember Spaceballs?

Actually, I have a fairly pragmatic view of all of this… All industrialized nations go through this pollution curve until the society becomes efficient enough to take care of its own environment. Things don’t get worse and worse. They get pretty bad, and then it ramps back down. Most western societies went through this curve already… I think it’s extra bad in China because they have 10x as many people as any Western civilization that went through the same curve.

I’ll be back in China in a few months… I’ll see if it is really worse than previous years.

Daily Photo – A moody evening at the Great Wall

One of the good things about the haze around parts of China are the moody sunset hours. You rarely get those epic cloud-sunsets, but instead things drift away into black through a myriad assortment of colors.

A moody evening at the Great Wall

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