Bryant Park in New York City

New eBook from Karen Hutton

You all surely know Karen by now, yes? If not, here’s a way to get to know her through her work. And yes, for those of you joining us for our New Zealand Photo Adventure, she’ll be along with us as one of the instructors – fun!

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* 104 gorgeously laid out pages, with 100 photographs and the mindflash stories that go with them.
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* Experience the kind of escape normally reserved for vacation – at your fingertips in your everyday world.
* Take a moment to dream – to visit other worlds than your own – and imagine what YOUR best story could be.

From Karen:

“I wanted to create a book that evoked that childlike desire to soak in pretty pictures and a good story. In this case, about 100 stories. All very short. All designed to take you on a flight of fancy. Perhaps the sole outcome will be a simple joy. A few quiet moments to enjoy breathtaking places and soulful moments. Have your thoughts provoked a bit. Or perhaps as you are having fun with photo immersion, you’ll think of your own tall tales. Stories that lead you to see the world a little differently. Notice light in a new way. Awaken desires for more color in your life, more textures, deeper experiences. Let your heart speak. Perhaps for the first time.

“I/We” is an invitation to see, to experience, to imagine, to play.
A collection of some of my favorite photos and the sometimes soulful, often silly narrative that emerged in the course of their creation. All assembled and wrapped up in a beautifully designed package for you to enjoy in whatever way you wish.

My wish is that it makes you laugh, think, relax… and dream.”

Daily Photo – Bryant Park in New York City

I stayed in a cool hotel right next to this park. I’ve forgotten the name, but I found it with Hotel Tonight, which is a really cool iPad app you should get. Even better, the app has a lot of my photography in it… so it is even further recommended!

This park is very pretty and relaxing. It’s even busy deep into the night… and, it seems perfectly safe, which is always extra-charming to those of us that are not from New York. Going to a park at night in NYC is supposed to be a very scary thing!

Bryant Park in New York City

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  • susan ratcliff

    Oh wow – beautiful – it does look warm and inviting! 🙂

  • Casper van Zyl

    On a warm night what a nice place to sit and relax and have a take away coffee.

  • Tom

    What is causing the horizontal banding in the trees?

  • Different from what you post normally (at least to me), but I like it!

  • Trey Ratcliff


  • Trey Ratcliff

    A skyscraper behind…

  • Tom


  • Maria Falvey

    Love Bryant Park – each visit to NYC includes lunching there with my favorite aunt.

    Great shot of the intimacy one can find there.

  • Very lovely, Trey!! Great job! I would love to go and sit in that park for a few hours in the summer. Have a wonderful Friday. On to your next post.

  • GeorgeGreen

    Interesting photo. Love all the people relaxing in the park. Most of them sat still enough so as not to turn into a ghost.

  • Steve

    Love this picture…Asked my wife to marry me in Bryant Park.

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