San Francisco in the Fog

Thanks Thomas Hawk!

I found this spot in Stuck on Earth thanks to Thomas Hawk’s Top 50 Secret Spots in San Francisco. More are getting added all the time, and especially more soon with the upcoming release of Stuck on Earth 3.0!

Daily Photo – San Francisco in the Fog

SF would not be the same without the fog, would it? It’s part of the city, like the wind in Chicago. But the wind in Chicago kinda sucks, so I guess that is a bad analogy. Maybe a better one is it’s like the water in Venice or the neon in Vegas.

I took this photo from the top of Twin Peaks with a 28-300mm lens. I think it’s probably the best spot to take this photo because of the black background behind the bridge. If you shoot it from the other side, then you get the city behind it. Of course, that can be cool too – it’s just a different sort of shot.

San Francisco in the Fog

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-01-05 03:13:46
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/5.6
  • ISO200
  • Focal Length300mm (300mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire, compulsory flash mode
  • Exposure Programaperture priority
  • Exposure Bias

  • susan ratcliff

    Such a lovely shot of the Golden Gate……yes, we curse the fog sometimes here….but when it lifts it’s heavenly!

  • Beautiful Trey. How awesome to experience such an awe inspiring event. The Golden Gate Bridge, in the fog, is well and truly on my bucket list.

  • Great shot, Trey. I captured the Golden Gate Bridge as well this week, but from the other side. See here:

  • Casper van Zyl

    Cool shot that one is.

  • Casper van Zyl

    Great shot,never been that far north,only as far as LA. Hope one day but there are so many things to see around the world other than man made and you would no that just moving to NZ. Please keep us informed about the camera dealings will be interesting.

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Excellent photo. Fog can definitely be a pain at times but in this case in made for a beautiful scene.

  • beautiful pic. I love this city

  • No words…

  • siskiya

    that is how it often really looks from someone who lived near there! never forget first time i saw sunrise on it and i finally got why they called it the ‘golden’ gate.

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