The Taj Mahal in Tokyo

Photo of me at Burning Man

I was walking across the desert just after a massive sandstorm, and out of the dust emerged another photographer. His name was Luke Stephen Severn and he asked if he could take a photo, so while pulling up my brass goggles, he got this.

Going back to the Taj Mahal

I do look forward to going back to India, and I was wondering if there is a way to get in early to see the Taj Mahal. I know people get to do this from time to time, and I wondered what the process was. Any advice is welcome! 🙂

HDR Photo

Daily Photo – The Taj Mahal in Tokyo

I was taking some architecture photos in downtown Tokyo when this advertising-truck went by. I thought it was so strange/funny to have this scene rolling through the city.

It would be kind of awesome to find the opposite situation, but I think it is quite doubtful! 🙂

The Taj Mahal in Tokyo

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