Path to the Waterfall


I think I’ll have to find some kind of netting or something light to cover me when I take naps outside. I’ve taken to hiking and just stopping in random places to take naps. There are countless comfy spots in the grass by waterfalls and bubbling brooks, but sometimes the sandflies are around and they can be a bit annoying. I’m not exactly sure what I need… kind of a little mini-net-tent or something like this. I’ll have to poke around, but any suggestions are welcome!

Daily Photo – Path to the Waterfall

This waterfall at Milford is one of those amazing things that churns away all day. Waterfalls that generate a ton of water constantly impress me. It’s hard to get my head around all the water that is in movement all the time, and it’s even more impressive that so much fresh water can be generated without end…

Path to the Waterfall

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  • Bye bye NEX-7, Sony will launch the new smallest compact full frame Sony RX1 in November.

  • Casper van Zyl

    Trey,Coming from Texas which is now so dry and drying by the minute you would appreciate water in NZ, here in Perth Australia we are having the same problem as Texas. We have population growth but dams are to small and not enough rain. Had a beautiful lawn in front of house now its sand can only water twice a week in sumer and when temperatures reach 40 plus you are only wasting water as your lawn is going to drop dead anyway and which is about the most expensive water in the world. What a nice pic,and what a place for relaxation. We have plenty prays here in Ausie but I do not like all these poisons one prays on ones self or our children. We have to go natural like eating plenty garlic. Or age fast as they do not disturb me to much.hehe!!

  • Casper van Zyl

    (Sprays) must check my key board the (s) does not always work

  • Nick


  • beautiful. Did you see this while visiting the sound or hiking the track?

  • susan ratcliff

    Beautiful waterfall Trey!

  • ec lundburgh

    So here in California we now have not only Lyme’s Disease from deer ticks but also West Nile from mosquitoes — both of which can be deadly.

    wonder if NZ has similar parasite-borne diseases.

    anyway check out REI: both jacket and pants

  • William Woodward

    I’m a big fan of Hammocks. Eagles Nest Outfitters makes an awesome travel size, and you can get one with a built in bug net.

    Next time I’m down in NZ I’ll have a lot of places to visit thanks to your recent posts 🙂

  • Wow, great waterfall image. Beautiful!

  • Would love to be in this location and hike around. Trey, regarding protection from flies and such, there are a number of produts on the website. Once there just search for “mosquito netting”. This will turn up a few things. Later.

  • Allen Haren

    Those who have never been to NZ have a hard time understanding sand flies. I heard about them but until i experienced them in the south island (Milford sound was the worst) I didn’t have any idea of how annoying and long lasting the bites are. Talk to the DOC workers, usually they are not covered up and don’t have an issue with them. One DOC guy once told me to eat a lot of food with b-complex vitamins. He was cruising around in shorts and not a single bite. Zip up pants, roll down shirts and a bandana was my typical wear. As long as your skin is covered they can’t bite you. With a net over your head you will be called out as a “tourist”…not sure that is what you want.

  • Agreed…I started using something called a Bug Bucket…its a collapsible hat that has a net built in. You can find a pic of it here….its the one where we are purifying water.

  • I just use the standard canopy mosquito net from Amazon, suspended from a tree branch, when hiking.

  • Andrea Boyle

    When my husband and I went to Australia, we experienced horrible blackflies in the Blue Mountains and in the Melbourn area. Our first experience was in the Blue Mountains and we ended up wandering into a hiking/backpacking/outdoor store and bought these cool head nets that went on over our sun hats. We could have sold a billion of them as everyone we met doing the “Aussie wave” (shooing away flies) asked us where we bought them. They were the best $6 purchase we’ve ever made.

  • Those flies are terrible. I almost got eaten alive when visiting the blue pools along the Haast Highway. I think there were about 100 of them on every square inch of exposed skin!

  • treyratcliff


  • treyratcliff

    Cool yes – perfect ! 🙂

  • treyratcliff

    Good idea 🙂

  • treyratcliff

    Thanks Justin! 🙂

  • treyratcliff

    interesting… hehe – the net was just for naps by myself in the wild… not to wear around 🙂

  • You bet Trey!

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