Rounding the Bend to Glenorchy

The How-To -Video

This how-to video is taking a very long time… I’ll get it done, but it will take a while longer…

If you click through to the YouTube page, you’ll see a list of all the tools I used… and that will give you some info in the meantime.

A few of the shots in the video are from this area around Glenorchy below.

Daily Photo – Rounding the Bend to Glenorchy

Each time I go around the bend from Queenstown to Glenorchy, I see something spectacular. I know there are a few people that live in Glenorchy and work in Queenstown, so that means they get to make this drive every day. I wonder if any of them like to take photos… if so, the commute must take an extra thirty minutes!

Rounding the Bend to Glenorchy

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  • susan ratcliff

    Oh wow – sooo beautiful – I can’t imagine what it must be like to see this view everyday – love this!

  • louis van zyl

    Very nice scenery,sounds like they use a lot of Scottish names. What you see along the road would be just a portion, there must be another view round the corner and the next. You have created your own environment by moving there and can see why. Wish we had views like this in Perth.

  • Martin Tyler

    Great shot Trey. You should do a stop motion video of the whole road 🙂 Then do one the other way to Kingston

  • Pratyush Pattanaik

    Gorgeous shot!

  • This is a spectacular view! Wouldn’t mind seeing this every day 😉

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  • What a great view. I envy those who get to make this drive to work!!! Thanks for sharing, Trey!! Great job!! 🙂

  • Don Prichard

    You’re making me late to work too!

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  • Gavin Jackson

    Awesome shot Trey!

  • Love the reflection and colors on the water – just beautiful.

  • Trey it appears 80 days with 8000 photos is longer longer available. Im sorry to see its no longer available to view.

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  • Andrew Smith

    Hi Trey, was great to hear you on TWIT. I was shocked to learn you have moved to my home town!

    Queenstown is truly stunning, especially with the snow at the moment.

    If your ever struggling for somewhere to visit in town make sure you pop into swordfox design, we’re in the station building on shotover street. Would be great to see what your up to and just hang out.. We all love our design, and photography here, and are amazed by your portfolio.

    Sincerely Andy..

  • Thanks for the heads-up. It’s still up on Vimeo. I’ll look into the issue.

  • paulbellinger

    Great Trey! Can’t wait to see the how to too!

  • Thanks Luke!

  • treyratcliff


  • treyratcliff

    Thanks Andy! 🙂

  • Sadly, YouTube isn’t allowed to stream this video in germany due to copyright issues. The Vimeo version is still available:

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