Stilts in Monterey

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I end up ordering a lot of prints for my home. I usually do it through SmugMug (see my SmugMug review). I get quite bored of looking at the same thing over and over again, and it’s not really that expensive to get new prints made. I think we don’t think about doing it too much because it’s supposed to be this expensive thing, but it’s really not! The problem does become storage… but it’s good to have extra prints just to give away to friends (I never charge friends for prints).

Daily Photo – Stilts in Monterey

We’ve had two great PhotoWalks in Monterey. Here’s one of the photos I took during the event. I can’t remember if it was the first or second one now! They are kind of merging together in my mind…

Anyway, I thought it looked nice how these colorful places were up on stilts above the water, so I set up in portrait mode to see if I liked what I saw…

Stilts in Monterey

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  • louis van zyl

    This shot reminds me of Kota Kinabalu in Saba Malaysia where they have the water people but the water here is more clean.

  • Friends, right? I can give you my home address if you feel the need to ship one of you prints off!

    Strange pinkish sky in the picture. I like it.

  • I was wondering too about the sky. Did the sky look like that or did you use Lightroom Filter to create that colour. It’s colour sky I’m not used to seeing here in Ireland but Miami Vice used to have sky’s like that so maybe it does occur elsehwhere. It’s nicely reflected at the bottom of the picture as well which makes it very balanced. Photowalks seem like a great thing. If you are ever in Ireland let us know. It would be great to see a master at work

  • susan ratcliff

    Pretty – cool looking houses!

  • I still like to print off my fave photos – i think that just looking at them on a screen isn’t enough – I like something tangible. I’ve only got one large print but I do have a nice photo album with my favourite 6×4’s in it which is sweet.

  • Sweet image and quite tame for you, Sir…….

  • Martin Tyler

    Hi Trey, interested to know more about your prints… what size do you usually go for? do you get framed, canvas, something else?

  • Any suggestions for printing photos of the night sky? Every time I send a milky way photo out to a printing service is comes back incredibly dark, dull and the milky way is barely visible at all.

  • Hey Joe,

    Are you sending them RGB JPG files? You might want to do the CMYK conversion yourself before you send. There are many options to go through, and print houses only spend so much time on it. Darker pictures and pictures with a lot of red can be rough because of the nature of true black ink and the fact that CMYK doesn’t have “true” red.

  • Jason Gregory

    Trey, what is your reaction to the price increase over at SmugMug? Obviously, a pro like you with a large audience can afford their new plans but what about us that are just starting off in marketing our photos?

  • I’ll get something out about that soon… thx Jason 🙂

  • Great tip, I have not been sending CYMK but will try it. Is SmugMug one of the better print services or just most convenient since your gallery is already there?

    Thanks for the reply, I wasn’t expecting to get one 🙂

  • No problem. SmugMug themselves don’t do any printing – they have partner vendors like Bay Photo. While the service from SmugMug is convenient, it’s also the quality of the vendors and the choices offered that are valuable.

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