Overgrown Tower Atop the Great Wall

Article from the Mountain Scene

Here’s a recent article from The Mountain Scene by Paul Taylor about the video below… glad it turned out so popular! I’ll embed the video below in case you have not seen it yet… thanks again!

Cutting Room Floor of My Favorite Musicians

I have a huge list of music that I like, which I suspect is no different than you. Some of it is niche, and I was thinking that I would love to have tracks from the cutting room floor. Like, for example, I’d love to hear some of the lost tracks of Patrick iO’Hearn, Bel Canto (Anneli Drecker), David Darling, Jami Sieber, and more (I picked some niche ones there). All these musicians must have stuff they’ve thrown away that I would find quite interesting!

Daily Photo – Overgrown Tower Atop the Great Wall

You may remember seeing towers that connect the sections of the Great Wall. Here I am inside of one of them that has fallen to ruins and the vegetation has taken over. You can see the tree jutting up from the left and how everything else is slowly crumbling back into the soil.

The stairs to the right are barely usable, and I went up them to get a good view of the sunset and have a snack.

Overgrown Tower Atop the Great Wall

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-01-05 01:03:39
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/8
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length14mm (14mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire
  • Exposure Programaperture priority
  • Exposure Bias

  • susan ratcliff

    It looks so rugged there – beautiful shot of it – hiking shoes would be great!

  • I’m guessing this is one of the less accessible sections of the great wall – I always reckon these sections are heavily haunted.

  • Great photo! This little towers are amazing! We stopped in one for a rest and found a bat living in a crack in the bricks; very cool indeed!

  • louis van zyl

    just love these type of pics ,even at my age I still like to explore

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