The Melt

Ice Hotel

I’m very interested in visiting an Ice Hotel some day. I know there is one in Sweden, but I think others have started popping up in other places too, yes?

Daily Photo – The Melt

The point where ice turns into river is tough to find. Sometimes it requires a lot of hiking, and sometimes you never find it. But when you do find that rip between worlds, you feel the full weight of the discovery.

I’m usually a bit afraid to get to close or stand on the ice. It’s generally not a good idea, and I have enough bad ideas without needed to add more to the repertoire! 🙂

The Melt

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  • susan ratcliff

    Oh wow – sooo beautiful – looks cold though! 🙂

  • louis van zyl

    Look cool,up in Habin North China they have such places as ice Restaurants not sure about hotels. They do have a huge ice festival but it can be very cold its around mid to late November. My daughters Dentist sent me a few pics from that part of China.
    Seen that you love China like I do you will find it worth the visit. At night it is all lit up and some of the ice sculptures are gigantic. They even inject colour dies to certain parts (say like holding a glass with red wine, but in ice). Thanks for the Email, had a look at all your pics on one page and kept scowling down and down and my wife kept saying how come yours don’t look that good so i told her I’m a novices novice. ( Hea but you been doing it for 30 years ) but I do it for fun to keep my (marbles ticking over) thats why I’m no Doctor either because i don’t know brains from marbles. hehe!! At least I have reach 70 and have a good sense of humour and still look young even though the insides are rotting away. They say the secret to life is not to do what you like.But to like what you do. God Bless you all ,will be at a Convention of Jehovahs Witnesses the next 3 days.

  • Frank McCarron

    Canada has ice hotels every winter in Montreal and Quebec City

  • The ice isn’t turning into river. So not to worry about getting too close.

  • Thought you might like this link:

  • Very nice capture. I don’t think I have ever seen a shot like this — capturing the ice as it turns to water. And I do think you are right about the ice hotels. I think they are now popping up in more and more places. I believe that I saw a documentary on the Travel Channel, about that.

  • t_linn

    Your common sense is right on target. Earlier this year a father and son up on Washington’s Mt. Rainier were standing on a snow bridge like the one in this image when the father fell through and was swept away to his death. Sadly, this is not an unusual occurrence.

  • Nicolas Pelletier

    I wanted to mention the beautiful Ice Hotel in Quebec city, but seems others have done it already!

    A photowalk in Quebec City would be awesome!

  • Ville Vuorinen

    We have a snow castle in Finland 🙂

  • Sarah

    There’s the ice hotel in Quebec City: And you can time it to go during the Winter Carnival when there’s lots of other stuff going on that your kids in particular might enjoy.

  • I love the retro feel due to the tones!

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