Construction in Cleveland

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Hanging from a Lamppost

Lester (see below) sent me this photo of me hanging up high on the campus of Kent State. I showed it to my wife, and she started to laugh. I didn’t know how to take that! hehe….
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Daily Photo – Construction in Cleveland

I went out with my host during the Kent State speech, Lester Lefton, and this is the first place he brought me! I don’t think other guests get to do things like this… you know… go to dangerous construction sites and stuff… But, if you could not tell, it turns out to be an awesome place for a little photography adventure! 🙂

This was actually the FIRST photo I ever took with a D800, and it was using Lester’s camera. I put in my memory card, which felt a little weird. But then when I looked through the viewfinder and snapped away, it felt like my own! Anyway, we had a great time together.

Construction in Cleveland

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-01-04 22:50:05
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/8
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length14mm (14mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire, compulsory flash mode
  • Exposure Programshutter priority
  • Exposure Bias

  • Andrea Boyle

    Interesting composition! I have a shot taken at a nearby winery/ranchquite similar that is an HDR of a tractor and the pasture, cows, mountains beyond. Same same but different, as they say… Needless to say, I like your shot a lot.

  • susan ratcliff

    Cool shot!! Glad you had fun there! 🙂

  • louis van zyl

    Cool,but a good shot of you on the banner,you look more like you are about to conduct an Orchestra.

  • I love that green glow of the window panes…

  • Lester Lefton

    Trey, you forgot to mention how security ran us off. Two bad boy teenagers in Cleveland!

  • So, did you attend Kent State or are you at least a big fan of the Neil Young song?

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