Walking Further Along the Ancient Great Wall

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Daily Photo – Walking Farther Along the Ancient Great Wall

Some of the places I visited on this ancient, original stretch of the Great Wall were almost too covered in vegetation to navigate. Thick conifers and strange plants would block this way and that. I listened to music and that made everything even more surreal.

I had always heard that the top of the Great Wall was so wide that five horses could ride side by side (16 feet across). When you are up there, it seems even wider with all the trees and plants, and you almost forget you are on top of the wall itself.

Walking Farther Along the Ancient Great Wall

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  • susan ratcliff

    Awesome shot Trey – exploring the Great Wall must have been wonderful! I didn’t get to comment yesterday but thanks to Luke and Curtis they fixed it!! Thanks guys! I just had to say I love David Bromsted!! 🙂

  • Scotty Graham

    thanks for the rec on Air Video….been looking for a good way to play movies from my ipad to my TV….

  • louis van zyl

    Could not pick my time at theGreat Wall because of the tour but great to see different angles of it at different times of the day ,also parts where not to many people tread. Also so sad that much of it was destroyed even though there is still plenty to see. loved the video and the sun rays on this picture. Nice capture.

  • Very nice picture. Would love to see it once for real. Did you know they used rice water in the cement when they built these walls? Even now the cement is so hard, the bricks erode, but the cement doesn’t!

  • louis van zyl

    An Archaeological survey found that the entire wall with all its branches measure out to be at least 21,196Km 13,171 miles.
    Most of the walls built before the Ming Dynasty were built of rammed earth which was manly on the plains. Bricks and rocks from local hills were used after the 14th century.In 2009, 290 Km of the wall was found up north which was covered up over years by sand storms.So much history to our China thats why its worth the visit. If ever you go to South West Africa you will find old houses that don’t have bricks any more only a wall of the mortar fillings. The bricks have been sand blasted out.

  • A Watts

    Just wondering if you knew about this kickstarter project. It seemed like something that might be of interest. – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1022605159/quikdraw-an-innovative-lens-holster

  • paulbellinger

    Amazing light and color as always Trey. I can’t wait for the making of 30 Days 30 Nights video!

  • www.blog-photo.tk

    You are very lucky to travel around the world and take pictures like that !

  • I loved the old parts of the great wall! I find there’s no sense in going to the touristy parts, as that part of the wall is only a few years old. This part is the real thing! We hiked for around five hours and didn’t see anyone else. Magical!


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