Calm Sunrise Over the Atlantic

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Help, dog lovers! I need advice!

I’m going to get a dog when I get back to New Zealand. I think I want a poodle-mix, but I’m not sure. I’m looking for the following qualities: No shedding, smart and trainable, nice around kids, looks funny when dressed up by quirky owners.

Disney Cruises

Yes, I am going to go on another Disney cruise. I never thought I would like them as much as I do! They are quite luxurious, and the kids have a great time off in their kids’ clubs. It’s not like a daycare either… I mean, they go all out at Disney… the kids are baking cookies and getting stories read to them by characters and going on treasure hunts and a million different things… and, well, since there is no real internet, I get plenty of time to read and relax! ๐Ÿ™‚

Daily Photo – Calm Sunrise Over the Atlantic

I think I’ve taken more photos of the Atlantic Ocean than the Pacific Ocean. Or maybe not. That cruise put a big dent in my Atlantic Ocean shots, but I may even-up next year when I do the Disney cruise in Alaska…

I took this one in the morning off the coast of Virgin Gorda.

Calm Sunrise Over the Atlantic

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  • Date Taken2018-01-05 12:37:31
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  • Aperturef/4
  • ISO200
  • Focal Length32mm (32mm in 35mm)
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  • susan ratcliff

    Sooo beautiful! The photowalk sounded fun! Richard is going to get a ‘doodle’ in the next few weeks – ask him about it – sounds perfect! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michael Smith

    Awesome clouds Trey, love it!

  • Scotty Graham

    I have grown up with Golden Retrievers and think they are the best dogs out there, but they DO leave hair all over the place….so the next best thing is a Golden Lab or Black Lab…but don’t buy a hyper puppy…remember that movie?

  • Shea Goff

    Do they have dog pounds in New Zealand? If so, that is where I would say you could find your dog. Many times the people employed there can tell you which needing to be rescued dog can suit your needs. There’s just something about them, too. It’s like they have a special knowing of how great it is to be wanted.

    Other than that…always, always, beautiful photos.

  • Casper van Zyl

    Trey we have a Maltese Sitsui not sure of spelling but you will know,first the best little watch dog we have ever had very little hair loss as its wool. Second loves kids, was ratted a few years ago in Australia as the no 2 as house hold pet . In the cold it will love to cuddle next to you.She where in winter an army type coat with Sargent strips.We feed her chicken or raw beef only once a day she the has to eat her dried food.Chocolate,cheese, onion, are no no’s you don’t want to shorten their lives. She is now 9 years old and has see the vet only twice for her injections and as small as she is can run like ##!* when you throw a ball. Very energetic when you take her out but at home she will be by you side and sleep.This is a poodle mix and feel this dog speaks for it self.
    As they proof is in the pudding don’t take my word.Nice sun rise.
    Ps; they are smart dogs and will learn very fast when she needs something she will come to you and scratch your legs like in doggy paddle in a pool.

  • Jeremy Hodges

    A golden/chocolate lab is a good all around and very smart dog. Or, I would recommend a full bread boxer. They are very smart, extremely obedient, if trained right and have very lean coats.

  • Labradoodles tend to be non-shedding (though they aren’t technically hypo-allergenic, I believe, as the lab half isn’t) and fun, if you are looking for a big dog. If you are thinking small dog, I highly recommend a schnauzer. They’re super smart and tend toward a friendly disposition. And they’re hypo-allergenic. We had a full schnauzer when I was in high school and as an adult I got a schnauzer-yorkie mix (also hypo-allergenic) and she’s been excellent – really smart, easy to train, the exact right personality for me (as I trained her for therapy work and travel around the world with her).

  • Ian Butterworth

    I think almost any dog is trainable being aware of the nature of the different breeds e.g. labs and golden retrievers generally are everyone’s buddy, it is the owner who needs the training and it takes a lot of time – at least an hour a day, perhaps two given you need two walks a day plus training time. The question about allergenic is whether it is really a dog fur allergy or an allergy to the dander (

  • Bob Prangnell

    Check out Bonnie – she’s half Jack Russell, half Keeshond. Weighs in at about 11-12kg so not too big. Does not shed. I have trained her in obedience and now she does agility every week at the local dog club. Loves kids, cats even hedgehogs. And very smart.

  • 2nd the schnauzer recommendation – whether miniature or full. They don’t shed and great around kids (we have three and he’s so patient with them it’s crazy). Some list somewhere (can’t recall where) listed em 12th on the ‘smart’ scale out of the multitudes of breeds – I think poodle was #1 – they are certainly trainable for the standard stuff – just don’t know if you can train em to fetch the right lens for you :).

  • Beverly Vinson

    We have a cavapoo. It’s a toy spaniel/poodle mix. About the size of a cat, super smart, great with kids doesn’t shed and super cute.

  • Cockapoos are great. No shedding. Great temperment, and really cute. Pretty trainable too.

  • I see others have mentioned a miniature schnauzer, so add my vote to that breed. When I was 10 my parents got an all black schnauzer mini and named him Hobbit. For some reason that seems like a really appropriate name for a dog in New Zealand.

  • Beautiful photo, Trey!!!! Looks like I’m changing my desktop again. I love the colors in this one!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dharmesh Barot

    You should without doubt go for a boxer ๐Ÿ˜€ but he sheds at medium level. German Shepherd would be high shedding. One of my friends have a mini schnoodle mix. Supposedly very minimal shedding.

  • Russ Read

    I would highly recommend a “standard” Poodle, or any other for that matter. Contrary to what some may think, they are not “yippy” or nervous dogs at all. My sixteen year old standard poodle passed away of old age yesterday after a good long life. She did very well with both of my sons, from the day they came home from the hospital until the day she passed away. Poodles are extremely intelligent, gentle, playful at times, not demanding at all, good hiking companions, tolerant of children of all ages (yes, pulling on ears and tail), and very easy to train and eager to please their human(s). Poodles are exceptionally loyal and friendly dogs, and will put up with pretty much anything you can send their way. Oh yes, no shedding and no allergy problems with poodles. Best of luck with making a choice!

  • My neighbor has a labrodoodle. HIGH energy!

  • You may want to consider a weimaraner. No shedding, good with kids, they blend in with the family. Lots of energy when they’re young. Not only that, but it’s just fun to say “weimaraner.”

  • Get a shetland sheepdog… they are loyal and great around children! They are smart and want to please their owners!

  • Kimberly

    If you’re looking for a Poodle mix, I’d say try a Goldendoodle. They’re very smart and trainable (both Poodles and Golden Retrievers are in the list of smartest dogs) and they are loyal and affectionate family-centric dogs. Also, because of the Poodle in them, shedding is minimal and they are fairly hypo-allergenic. Just note – no dog is completely hypo-allergenic, no matter what the propaganda says. And yes they look pretty darn cute when dressed up! I’m suggesting this from a completely non-biased standpoint as I currently own a Boxer mix, but my better half is a dog groomer and I did confirm this recommendation with him. Hope this helps!

  • ec lundburgh

    Impressed with Portuguese Water Dog breed — very stable nerves, rugged, but must have focused training when young. The current Whitehouse dog and reportedly one of the exceptional dogs which handles all the people.

  • Jon Thompson

    Consider a Jack Russell Terrier. They are smart, non-shedding
    (especially the smooth coat variety), and very good with kids. They are
    relatively small, buy have the confident, even temper of big dogs, so
    you get the best of both worlds. There is also an active world-wide JRT community
    that conducts fun days and trials that focus on the breed’s fox hunting
    ancestry, with events like racing, go-to-ground (searching a simulated
    burrow for prey), lure coursing (chasing simulated prey that darts
    around an open field) and confirmation (traditional Westminster-like dog
    showing). The dogs love it, and it is a very healthy and rewarding family activity. We have five of them, and have a lot of fun attending events.

  • Jon Thompson

    Consider a Jack Russell Terrier. They are smart, non-shedding
    (especially the smooth coat variety), and very good with kids. They are
    relatively small, buy have the confident, even temper of big dogs, so
    you get the best of both worlds. There is also an active world-wide JRT community
    that conducts fun days and trials that focus on the breed’s fox hunting
    ancestry, with events like racing, go-to-ground (searching a simulated
    burrow for prey), lure coursing (chasing simulated prey that darts
    around an open field) and confirmation (traditional Westminster-like dog
    showing). The dogs love it, and it is a very healthy and rewarding family activity. We have five of them, and have a lot of fun attending events.

  • Get a pure-bread Shih tzu – they don’t shed, are great with kids, don’t bark, easy to train, lovable, portable (huge plus!), will let you do what every you want to them as long as they have all the attention, love to be cuddled, won’t scare away guests by barking incessantly at the door when they arrive and they are such an easy, great, fun, loving bread! This is mine:

  • Bobby Bradley

    Pugs! Well they shed like crazy but other than that meet your requirements. Bonus…Pugs are extremely photogenic.

  • Labs are great. Very energetic, but very smart, friendly, and loyal. Definitely good family dogs because they can be very patient with kids! They do shed, but the short hair means that they’re low maintenance where grooming is concerned.
    Or, maybe go for a labradoodle to eliminate some of that shedding?

  • We have a LhasaPoo, and he is awesome! I never wanted a dog, but my husband convinced me and wore me down! He is perfect with kids {doesn’t bite or growl}, he’s full size at 22 pounds. Doesn’t shed {he does kind of ‘tuft’ every once in a while!}, and he is hypoallergenic {I’m allergic to dogs}. My husband has trained him to fetch his slippers! Here’s a pic …

  • Stephen Clarke

    Hi Trey,
    Beautiful photo
    Get a ‘GoldenDoodle’. It’s a ‘real’ dog size wise [not a confused cat ๐Ÿ˜‰ ], has the wonderful, beautiful personality of a Golden Retriever and all the other desired qualities that you listed! I have a Golden Retriever myself, but several friends have ‘GoldenDoodles’ and swear that it is the only dog they will ever get again…

  • Stephen Clarke

    Hi Scotty
    Just a technicallity, but there is no such thing as a Golden Lab…. only yellow, black or chocolate labs. ‘Golden’ applies to Golden Retrievers only!

  • paulbellinger

    Those qualities all seem good, but no shedding doesn’t leave you many options for good dogs. All the shedless dogs I’ve encounters are weird test tube science experiments gone wrong! They have all kinds of other health problems and are socially dysfunctional. The best dogs I encounter are always mixes. I’ve got two from the humane society and both are awesome. They probably all look cute when dressed up. The question is if they look good not dressed up! But I’ve already got the most handsome dog on earth so you’re out of luck! Check out my boy Big Red here:

  • FWIW, my cockapoo, other than the unfortunate name, fits the bill. She’s smart, funny, love humans in all forms/ages, doesn’t shed, and is just the sweetest little creature.

  • I have two Great Danes so I’ll share my experience with them. They are relentlessly loyal, absolutely great with kids, very obedient and trainable. They are gentle giants but can scare intruders by their size alone. They are very photogenic and ours don’t mind being dressed up at all, although we generally don’t do that. They do shed a little, however. They are generally best as indoor dogs and like being with their owners most of the time. They can go on long walks but will spend the rest of the day on the couch. They are certainly not for everyone but I can’t imagine a better bread for me. That’s my two cents. Good Luck with your search.

  • Andrea Boyle

    I can see from the comments that we are all over the place with this topic. It is almost like Trey’s travels! My 2 cents worth: I have owned purebred dogs and mutts and I think a good cross between two breeds or a true mixed breed from an animal shelter will give you a dog that will be a healthy and long-lived family pet. A friend of mine has a “labradoodle” and Rex is a cool dog: very smart, no shedding and a good medium to small size dog. The cross between a poodle and golden sounds promising, too, as I am familiar with both those breeds. You can definately dress them for Halloween without complaints! Good luck with your decision and don’t leave any shoes around…!

  • Beautiful photo!

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Amazing suggestion list here – thanks so much! I’m going to share this with my family — they are all very excited as you can imagine! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scotty Graham

    hehe….yes, you’re right Stephen…my bad. Cheers!

  • Trey two words…miniature schnauzers. Just brilliant friends I have a few shots on Flickr if your interested. Check out fishfingers1


  • You should buy a Boxer!

  • Get a Norwegian Lundehund! They were used for hunting puffins in Norway way back in the day. they have six toes on each paw, extreme flexibility, and awesome mountaineering skills. Not very big at all either, kind of small. The only problem would be getting one. There’s only a couple thousand and most of those live in Norway.

  • Definitely a Labradoodle,the very best with kids (save a Newfoundland dog) no shedding and a water dog.


  • David Drayton

    Schnouzers meet all of your requirements.

  • Danny Razowsky

    Chocolate Field Lab-My lab just turned 4 yrs old. We have a connection like as if she’s a person. She’s the best!

    Enjoy the Disney cruise in Alaska. A couple years ago I was on the Alaskan cruise and it’s quite the scenery! You’ll love it.

  • Guest

    We have a Cockapoo( They are a mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle(both “smart” breeds). He loves kids and is very tolerant of “dressing up

  • We love our cockapoo( Benji. He is a mix of cocker spaniel and poodle a mix of two “Smart” breeds. He is very good with kids and tolerant of dressing up.

  • Jon M

    I just got back from an Alaskan cruise (on a Royal Caribbean ship). There are endless photo ops. I know you’ll enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚ The landscapes are wonderful.

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